2020 Triumph Bobber/Bobber Black 1

2020 Triumph Bobber/Bobber Black

2020 Triumph BobberTriumphTriumph’s Bobber and Bobber Black models give credence to the often bandied about “factory custom” term, but despite their authentic, postwar bobber looks, both variants manage to deliver a thoroughly modern ride that works better than the throwback styling would suggest. Triumph has been able to wring out another variation of its liquid-cooled high-torque (HT) Bonneville 1,200cc parallel-twin engine derived from the T120, but in this application it’s a gem, cranking out a claimed 77 hp and 78 pound-feet of torque. While both may pack the same 1,200cc parallel-twin engine and chassis architecture, the Black model pumps up the spec list a bit, with a meatier (but smaller) 16-inch front wheel shod with an Avon Cobra tire, and gains an extra brake disc up front, while also slipping in a beefier 47mm Showa cartridge fork to go with that chunky front donut. The headlight on the Black is LED, and you get cruise control too. Other than that, the Black model does indeed get murdered out, with the exhaust, engine, bars, hubs, levers, etc., all wearing ebony paint. 2020 Triumph Bobber BlackTriumph2020 Triumph Bobber Reviews, Comparisons, And CompetitionThe Bobber delivers a surprisingly spirited ride and great handling despite the hardtail looks and that’s a big reason why we named it Cruiser of the Year in 2017. The ride-by-wire throttle, traction control, ABS, and premium finishes thoroughly impressed on our First Ride as well. You don’t havRead More…

MotoGP Austin Canceled 2020

The series will stay in Europe for the remainder of the summer/fall season, before possibly departing the continent for four additional rounds to be confirmed by the end of July. The Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, Gran Premio Motul de la Republica Argentina, Thailand Grand Prix, and Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix are all being considered, noted MotoGP in a news article on its website.SourceRead More…

Sponsored feature: Cashless network garages for two-wheelers help you save time 4

Sponsored feature: Cashless network garages for two-wheelers help you save time

In India, a two-wheeler is one of the most convenient modes of transport. However, depending on road and traffic conditions as well as riding habits, a two-wheeler can also be a bit more vulnerable to accidents. Unfortunately, bike accidents are more common than car accidents in our country. While proper riding gear will ensure physical protection for the rider, financial protection is also imperative. For this, it is advisable to buy two-wheeler insurance online from reputable insurers such as Reliance General Insurance. This will take care of your finances in case of damage caused to you or your bike due to accidents, riots, fire, theft, natural calamities and more. You might ask if it’s necessary to buy a new policy now, in the time of an ongoing global pandemic. Yes, it is necessary to get at least a third party motor insurance policy as the government of India has made it compulsory under the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019. You can avail several benefits that come with two-wheeler insurance, including online policy renewal and, best of all, access to your insurance company’s cashless network garages. Let’s talk about cashless network garages in detail.  How Cashless Network Garages Work Cashless network garages are garages that have a direct tie-up with your insurance provider. If you take your two-wheeler to a cashless network garage for repairs, you don’t have to worry about payments as the garage will directly settle the bill with your insurance prRead More…

Ducati Panigale V2 bookings open 5

Ducati Panigale V2 bookings open

According to sources, the bike is expected to be launched by end-August  Its deliveries will commence soon after launch Panigale 955cc, twin-cylinder engine makes 155hp, 104Nm of torque Ducati India has begun accepting bookings for the upcoming Panigale V2. Prospective customers can reserve the motorcycle at all Ducati dealerships by paying Rs 1 lakh. Deliveries will begin after the motorcycle’s launch, which is expected towards the end of August 2020. The Panigale V2 was originally supposed to go on sale earlier this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic threw everything out of gear. Nevertheless, the new V2 is a machine to look forward to, as we can tell from our first ride experience. The new Ducati Panigale V2 replaces the 959 Panigale and, although it is based on the outgoing model, the motorcycle is improved in every way. To begin with, the styling is inspired from the new Panigale V4 and in many ways it looks like a baby version of it, replete with the single-sided swingarm. Ducati recently introduced the V2 in a fetching new White Rosso colour and we wait for Ducati India to confirm if that shade will be available in our market, besides the Red one. On the whole, the V2’s sharp and aggressive styling is a big highlight of the machine. Underneath the skin, however, the V2 is a 959 Panigale as it shares the same frame. Only the subframe is all-new, in order to accommodate the raised tail section. The 43mm Showa big-piston fork has also been carried forwardRead More…

Bajaj hikes prices of 11 models in July 2020 6

Bajaj hikes prices of 11 models in July 2020

Back in May, Bajaj Auto hiked the prices of nearly all the models in its portfolio by Rs 500 to Rs 4,500. Now, just a couple months later, multiple models have witnessed another price hike, albeit not as significant as the last one. We’ve compared the latest prices to those from a month ago and found that this time around, the hike varies from just under Rs 1,000 to just over Rs 2,400. Here’s a list that compares the new prices to those before the hike: Note: During this period, Pulsar also introduced the split-seat variant of the Pulsar 125. It costs more than the standard Pulsar 125, and so, while this particular model hasn’t witnessed a price hike, the price range has widened. PRICE LIST Model Old price (ex-showroom, Delhi) New price (ex-showroom, Delhi) CT 100 Rs 43,174-50,854 Rs 44,378-52,058 CT 110 Rs 48,704-51,680 Rs 49,907-52,179 Platina 100 Rs 49,645-59,757 Rs 50,848 -61,082 Platina 110 H-Gear Rs 60,550 Rs 62,899 Avenger Street 160 Rs 94,893 Rs 95,891 Avenger 220 Cruise Rs 1.19 lakh Rs 1.20 lakh Pulsar 125 Rs 70,995-75,494 Rs 70,995-79,091 Pulsar 150 Rs 96,960 Rs 97,958 Pulsar 150 Neon Rs 90,003 Rs 91,002 Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Rs 1 lakh Rs 1.01 lakh Pulsar 180F Rs 1.10 lakh Rs 1.11 lakh Pulsar 220 Rs 1.19 lakh Rs 1.21 lakh Pulsar NS160 Rs 1.05 lakh Rs 1.07 lakh Pulsar NS200 Rs 1.28 lakh Rs 1Read More…

BS6 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS teased 7

BS6 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS teased

Mahindra has teased its upcoming BS6-compliant Mojo 300 ABS, and this comes around a week after we spotted the updated model on test for the first time. The teaser confirms that the company is on track with the bike’s launch in the coming weeks. Mahindra first introduced the Mojo 300 ABS in 2019, after the Mojo XT 300 and UT 300 were discontinued. The teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it does say that the BS6 Mojo will feature a ‘fresh look’. However, the darkened-out Mojo in the teaser and the bike we saw on test look identical to the older model. This leads us to believe that we might see either a minor cosmetic change or a new colour scheme on the final product. 
While the Mojo will continue to sport a single-exhaust muffler, the exhaust system will have an additional secondary catalytic converter to meet the stricter emission requirements. The specifications of the BS6 engine are yet to be revealed, but for reference, the BS4 Mojo’s 294.72cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled single produced 26.29hp at 7,500rpm and 28Nm of torque at 5,500rpm.
The BS4 Mojo 300 was launched in July 2019 at Rs 1.88 lakh, and we expect the price of the BS6 version to be slightly higher, putting it right in the territory of the Bajaj Dominar 400 (Rs 1.94 lakh).
All prices, ex-showroom, IndiaSourceRead More…

Jawa working on an electric motorcycle 8

Jawa working on an electric motorcycle

No other new company in recent times has enjoyed as much public attention as Jawa. Since its initial reveal in 2018, the reborn company has stayed high in customers’ minds, despite the fact that it took an extraordinarily long time for deliveries to happen. More recently, the company launched its production-spec Perak bobber earlier this year, and its BS6 motorcycles have now started reaching showrooms. However, behind the scenes, the company  is busy with other projects, and sources tell us that  a fully electric vehicle is  among them. Details are quite scarce at the moment, but we do have a couple of noteworthy nuggets of information. The first one is that Classic Legends, the company that owns the Jawa brand name, is working on this project fully in-house. Despite the fact that Mahindra is a majority stake holder, we hear that Classic Legends is developing this machine independently of its parent company. Mahindra has plenty of experience with EVs over the years, including racing in the Formula E championship, so some technology transfer is bound to take place, but the project itself is being undertaken by Classic Legends. The second point is that, as with its petrol-powered motorcycles, the company intends to keep localisation levels as high as possible. 
However, with EVs, there are some components you can’t source locally yet, so parts like battery cells will have to be imported, and possibly even the battery management system. Design-wise,Read More…

Church of MO: 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Vs. BMW R1200GS 9

Church of MO: 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Vs. BMW R1200GS

And in those days ten years ago, King Gelandestrasse of Bavaria was just 30 years old and feeling his hafer, a yuuge success throughout the world upon which everyone with encroaching male-pattern baldness wanted to ride to Zimbabwe. On the other side of  the Alps, the Romans could not help noticing King GS’s success. It was time, then, to upgrade their simple air-cooled playbike with a bewildering array of technological finery also, along with a bunch more of the King’s horses. Why not, as all roads lead to Rome. Placing the turn signals in the handguards was a stroke of genius that declared the battle was on – but no touching of the hair or face. A reading from the book of Pete, and the apostle T-Rod. Amen.BMW’s rugged Twin, the GS (updated for 2010), is arguably still the juggernaut of the adventure-touring segment.As some evidence of this, for the first half of 2010, BMW reports the GS outsold all other motorcycles worldwide in the 500cc or larger category. Furthermore, for the same period, the mighty GS led the charge in a 23.2% gain in bike sales volume for BMW.Within BMW the GS also dominates. According to Pieter de Waal, vice president of BMW Motorrad USA, the GS accounts for upwards of 30% of total BMW bike sales around the Big Blue Marble. The king is still on his global throne. Now 30 years old, the GS is still a force to be reckoned with. But in recent years other brands have made attempts to loosen the GS’ stranglehold over the oRead More…