Wear OS is about to be updated to Android 11 with new functions 1

Wear OS is about to be updated to Android 11 with new functions

Google, in fact, has confirmed the ongoing preparations for a major update to the Wear OS platform for wearable devices based on the Android 11 operating system. Wear OS is about to get Android 11 update
This happened during the traditional AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit when Google responded to user questions. Initially, the Q&A session was dedicated to Android 11, but the developers opened the veil of secrecy for other platforms as well.
Speaking of Wear OS, Google has practically confirmed that Android 11 will be the next major update to the wearable electronics platform.
In response, Google emphasized several times that it was “very excited about wearable technology,” especially smartwatches and fitness bracelets.
Wear OS was upgraded to Android 9 Pie in November 2018. Android 10 was never considered for Wear OS. Now, Google has confirmed that the platform can go straight to Android 11.
In another answer, Google explicitly states that developers will have access to most of the Android APIs. This, with the release of Wear OS based on Android 11. Android 11 stable version will probably be available on September 8
So far, Android 11 is available to users and developers only in beta status, but there is not much time left until the final version of this OS is released. Judging by the video posted on the YouTube channel for Google developers, the stable version of Android 11 will be released on September 8.
Last year, on the first Tuesday of SeptemberRead More…

Android 11 beta 2 is here while Google leaks stable release date to be September 8 2

Android 11 beta 2 is here while Google leaks stable release date to be September 8

Google has officially released the Android 11 beta 2. It’s a minor update but still worth checking out. But, the even bigger news is got to be the launch of the stable update. Yes, Google has accidentally revealed the date to be September 8th. Perhaps, we might finally get the Pixel 4a debut too.
Well, let’s not jump the gun and cover what we have right now. That is —
Android 11 Beta 2: Here’s what’s new
Since we are getting closer to the final build, the latest beta is mostly focussed on bringing stability to the OS.
What this means is that the final release will be more or less the same as the current build. Hence, the developers can work on their apps’ compatibility sans worrying about any sort of major changes in the forthcoming releases.
Other than this, much of what’s new is really cosmetic (compared to beta 1):
Screenshots are back in the notification shade
Share sheet bundles share targets by app basis
‘Conversations’ can be managed via a dedicated menu in the system settings.
‘Media Controls’ is now permanently sitting above the quick settings space. Some users don’t have the option to toggle it off, while some do. Also, the lock screen displays the entire album art just like Android 10.
Screen recording now lets you capture device audio
Recent Apps screen is much more minimal as the Share option has been removed.
GBoard gets recent clipboard suggestion.
The picture-in-picture window can be resized.
There are many more small and subtle changRead More…

Android 11 stable version will probably be released on September 8 3

Android 11 stable version will probably be released on September 8

So far, Android 11 is available to users and developers only in beta status, but there is not much time left until the final version of this OS is released. Judging by the video posted on the YouTube channel for Google developers, the stable version of Android 11 will be released on September 8. Last year, on the first Tuesday of September 2019, Android 10 was released. So Google does not change its tradition. It should be noted that the release of the final version of Android 11 in early September is not equivalent to its appearance on smartphones. Only Google Pixel will receive the OS on the same day, and other manufacturers will release the corresponding updates in a month or two. And that is not for all models.
Huawei EMUI 11 (Android 11) to arrive in Q3 2020
Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is currently facing a lot of troubles, especially from the American government. However, the company is still developing and it seems that it is not feeling the effect of the U.S. ban. Over the past eight years, the Chinese manufacturer has been developing the EMUI system. Presently, Huawei EMUI is currently at 10.1. Nevertheless, with the launch of Android 11, it expected that Huawei EMUI 11 will also arrive. We now have some official information regarding the development of Huawei EMUI 11. According to Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Department, the Huawei EMUI 11 will arrive in Q3 2020. This means that we are expecting this new syRead More…

Google has added the dark theme to some of its apps 4

Google has added the dark theme to some of its apps

Rumors about the release of the long-awaited update with a dark theme for several popular Google applications have been going on for several weeks, but, today, the update has finally arrived. Google has added the dark theme to some of its apps
A dark theme is now available for anyone who installs the latest version of Google Docs, Sheets or Slides – all three programs have been updated. If you have already switched your smartphone to night mode, applications will adjust automatically.
However, a way to manually switch the theme is also provided. Simply go to the menu, then click on the “SETTINGS” and there select “theme” and then just change it. The night mode is useful in low light conditions, when the bright white color seriously strains the eyes. It also optimizes battery consumption for AMOLED screen users. The ability to switch the theme to the night one has long appeared in Android, but Google continues to add it to its applications until now.
Google app finally gets Dark Mode
Google has been updating its native apps every now and then with new features. Recently, the Lens app was spotted in the beta getting solving math equations. Also, the latest update comes in the form of the Dark Mode to the famous Google App. According to reports, Google is finally rolling out the highly requested Dark Mode features to both Android and iOS users, as tweeted by Google’s search liaison. The new feature adds built-in Dark Mode for users running Android 10 and iOS 12Read More…

AnTuTu reveals the top 10 most powerful Android phones of June 2020 5

AnTuTu reveals the top 10 most powerful Android phones of June 2020

What were the most powerful June smartphones according to AnTuTu? The results are available, which quite clearly show which flagship and mid-range models are the strongest. It shows which models are worth considering if we are getting ready to change the smartphone to a newer model. The list for June 2020 is based on the statistics collected in China and does not concern the international market. Let’s take a look at which mobile phones are in the top ten most powerful Android phones. AnTuTu reveals the top 10 most powerful Android phones of June 2020
You can see that the list of the most powerful June smartphones on AnTuTu has been mastered by two manufacturers. Oppo and Redmi (together with Xiaomi) have the most to say. There is no stronger model than the Oppo Find X2 Pro who occupies the first position. In the last month, the same model occupied the first position.
OPPO Find X2 Pro
Xiaomi 10 Pro
Oppo Find X2
iQOO Neo3
Redmi K30 Pro
Realme X50 Pro player version
iQOO 3
Meizu 17 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro The mid-range doesn’t have much variety in terms of manufacturers. However, the difference is that Huawei and Honor are the most. Redmi 10X Pro took first place, but Oppo was right behind it with its previous Reno. The new version of the equipment was only in tenth position.
Redmi 10X Pro
OPPO Reno3
Redmi 10X
Honor 30
Huawei nova7 Pro
Huawei Nova7
Honor X10
Honor 30S
Huawei Nova7 SE
Oppo Reno4 Pro Here is a reminder of the specifications of the best flagship Read More…

Chrome for Android finally goes to 64-bit 6

Chrome for Android finally goes to 64-bit

For many years, Google Chrome browser for Android remained 32-bit, despite the support for 64-bit architecture in Android. So, the developers at Google made the long-awaited breakthrough and made Chrome 64-bit. Chrome for Android finally goes to 64-bit
Test versions of Chrome 85 and Chrome Canary 86 became 64-bit. Smartphones based on Android 10 and higher will automatically receive a 64-bit version of the browser.
For the first time, support for the 64-bit architecture appeared on the Android operating system in November 2014 with the debut of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Since then, more and more 64-bit SoCs have been released and now almost all Android devices are capable of running 64-bit software.
According to statistics for April 2020, only 8% of devices use Android 10, all the rest are stuck on older versions of the OS. Fortunately, Google will extend support for 64-bit Chrome to earlier versions of Android. After all, according to the rules of Google Play, all applications must have 64-bit versions by August 1, 2021. 70 Chrome extensions with 32 million downloads have been collecting data
Google has cleaned up its Chrome Web Store by removing more than 70 malicious extensions. According to the security firm Awake Security, all the extensions combined have recorded more than 32 million downloads. Most extensions claim to warn users of malicious site activity. In addition, they claim to be able to convert specific file types to others. But in reality, the extensions wereRead More…

Microsoft Defender antivirus arrives on Android 7

Microsoft Defender antivirus arrives on Android

A few months ago, Microsoft promised to release a proprietary Microsoft Defender antivirus for mobile devices that are running the Android operating system. Now the company has released a free preview version of the application. Microsoft Defender antivirus arrives on Android
Google’s mobile operating system contains a huge amount of threats, including malware, phishing apps, trojans, and more. Google removes hundreds or even thousands of applications every month. But, many of these dangerous apps end up in users’ devices.
Microsoft Defender ATP for Android should solve this problem. This application allows you to scan your phone for malware and detect phishing attempts. When Microsoft Defender ATP detects malware, it restricts access to critical applications such as email clients and online banking applications to prevent further damage. If there is a threat, Microsoft Defender ATP will warn you about it.
Microsoft Defender ATP is currently still in a preview phase for Microsoft 365 customers. For all others, the antivirus will become available in the coming months. MS Defender Key Capabilities
Web protection
Phishing is one of the biggest threat vectors on mobile. The majority of attacks happening outside of emails such as via phishing sites, messaging apps, games, and other applications. Other potential threats come from apps that may make connections to unsafe domains, unknowingly to the user and security teams. Web protection capabilities in Microsoft Defender Read More…

Android 11 removes the 4GB limit for video recording 8

Android 11 removes the 4GB limit for video recording

You may not even have thought about this, but Android had a default limit on the amount of recorded video. Yes, Google has always taken care of your drive. True, lovers of family holidays and filming have been suffering all this time from perhaps useful, but terribly annoying policies. If you want to shoot a bunch of videos in 4K, it won’t work. All material will either be split into parts or not fully retained. However, this will soon change with the advent of Android 11.
Android 11 removes the 4GB limit for video recording According to AndroidPolice report, in the first beta of Android 11, the restriction on the size of videos has finally been removed, but a very short list of applications still supports this feature.
Unfortunately, Google Camera is not one of the supported applications, which, for obvious reasons, is a big disappointment for fans of mobile photography and video. Another well-known application will come to the rescue – Open Camera. For those who are going to shoot huge projects in size, it is worth taking a closer look at this option.
At the moment, there may already be other applications that allow you to save large files, but Open Camera is the first application that supports the correct operation of this feature.
One way or another, before the widespread implementation of this function, we will have to wait some more time. To begin with, we are waiting for the presentation of a stable version of Android 11, and then everything will depend on thRead More…

How to make and answer phone calls from your Windows PC or Laptop 9

How to make and answer phone calls from your Windows PC or Laptop

The continuity feature of Apple’s Mac and iOS has been one of the most coveted features for Windows users. It lets users seamlessly continue editing documents or photos while switching between Apple devices.
Now with Window’s Your Phone app, Microsoft has managed to bridge the ecosystem barrier between Windows and Android to let users manage and mirror their phone on PC wirelessly.
With Your Phone Aoo, users can check notifications, revert back to messages and even answer calls, or call someone straight from their Windows 10 machine. To enjoy these features all you need is ‘Your Phone App’ on your Android v7 or above the phone with windows 10 PC with Bluetooth support.
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Before we get to ‘how to make phone calls from windows machine’, let’s first help you get Your Phone app and link it to your windows laptop or desktop PC. To do so follow these steps: Go to start menu on your Windows 10 machine, and type in ‘Your Phone’ and hit enter.
Once the app opens it will ask you for a mobile number. Enter your active number on the Android device. Microsoft with send a link to Android version on Your phone companion app.
Click on the link to download Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion app on your Android device, it comes pre-installed on Samsung phones.
Once the installation process is complete, open the companion app and sign-in with your Microsoft account information.
Now, the Companion app will ask promRead More…

Here’s a list of phones that will get Android 11 Beta

After several developer previews limited to Pixel devices, Google has now launched Android 11 Beta that will be available for more devices across multiple brands.
Back in 2019, Google had twelve Android brands in its beta program to utilize their resource for improvements, and even this year we’d see several brands providing early access to the next Android version on select phones starting from next month itself.
While Beta versions are more stable than developer previews, these are still work in progress and we’d advise you to proceed with caution.
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List of phones that will get Android 11 Beta
Google Pixel devices that are officially getting Android 11 Beta 1 version:
Google Pixel 2 
Google Pixel 2 XL 
Google Pixel 3 
Google Pixel 3 XL 
Google Pixel 3a 
Google Pixel 3a XL 
Google Pixel 4 
Google Pixel 4 XL 
OnePlus smartphones that will be eligible for Android 11 Beta version:
OnePlus 8 
OnePlus 8 Pro
Realme and Xiaomi phones also get a place on the list for Android 11 Beta version:
Realme X50 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ALSO READ: Google sold more phones than OnePlus in 2019
Oppo, Vivo, Poco, and other OEMs to get Android 11 Beta version in the coming days:
Oppo Find X2 
Oppo Find X2 Pro 
Vivo NEX 3S 
Poco F2 Pro 
iQOO 3
A Glance over Android 11 Beta Features
We have detailed all major changes and new features iRead More…