Google Search, Maps & Assistant Now Shows COVID-19 Testing Centres in India 1

Google Search, Maps & Assistant Now Shows COVID-19 Testing Centres in India

With the coronavirus cases significantly rising in India, Google is now trying hard to provide the relevant and useful information at the tip of your finger. The search engine giant is now working with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and MyGov to bring the appropriate information to the user. Thanks to this collaboration, users can now find authorized COVID-19 testing centres on Google services. This feature is present on Google Search, Maps and Assistant. If you haven’t noticed already, Google has a dedicated result page for all the COVID-19 and coronavirus related queries. The dedicated result page showcases recent news, health info, stats and other details at one place. In fact, it also has a “local and national resources” section where you can find information depending on the city or state you live in. Well, the company has now added the “Testing” tab where you can find the nearest testing centres.
Here’s What COVID-19 Testing Page on Google Showcases!
Apart from just showing the list of nearest testing centres, the listing also mentions whether the centres are government-based or private. Furthermore, it also showcases whether the referral for testing is required or not. Lastly, it also tells whether the testing is limited to certain patients or not. With every listing, you will also see the required steps to verify info before going for testing. This verification is the same for all the centres and includes calling 1075.
As of now, the teRead More…

Counterpoint: China smartphone sales declined 22% in Q1 2020 thanks to COVID-19 2

Counterpoint: China smartphone sales declined 22% in Q1 2020 thanks to COVID-19

Counterpoint Research shared another of its reports, and the results aren’t surprising. China’s smartphone sales had its worst quarter in recent years, dropping by 22% compared to Q1 2019 values. The reason? COVID-19 pandemic ravaged China as well as several other countries in the globe. The market is being moved by a low demand along with the delay in supply chains. According to the report, shipments in February along declined by 35% Year-on-Year. At the same time, the share of online sales grew up to 50%, that’s 20% more than last year. In counterpart to other OEMs, Huawei suffered minimum impact during Q1 2020. The company actually had a 6% increase in sales. Apple saw a 1% decline while Vivo dropped 27%, Oppo 30%, and Xiaomi 35%. In terms of market share, these companies accounted for 93% of total sales. However, Huawei alone had a nearly 40% share. The remaining 53% is split between the others. In January to February, the best-selling handset was the iPhone 11. However, the period also had other best-sellers like the Huawei Mate 30 5G, Nova 6 series, and Honor 9X. According to the report, 5G phones saw a huge increase of 120% compared to the last year. This is easy to understand, after all, more and more companies are shipping 5G smartphones with competitive prices. During Q1 2020 5G smartphones accounted for 15% of total shipments. However, Counterpoint states that until the end of Q4 2020, 5G smartphone will have at least 40% of the market. SourceRead More…

Aarogya Setu app to come pre-installed; Feature phone app under works 3

Aarogya Setu app to come pre-installed; Feature phone app under works

Indian Government is gearing up to associate with smartphone manufacturers to pre-install the Aarogya Setu app on new devices. A source from the Manufacturers Association of Information Technology (MAIT) and another from a smartphone maker has confirmed the news.
The Aarogya Setu app with Bluetooth and realtime GPS tracking was recently released to help track Covid-19 patients in order to help contain the spread of coronavirus across the country.
Authorities have been zealously encouraging citizens to download and set up accounts to make the app effective at what it does. In a recent video-meet with Chief Ministers of different states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged them to popularize the app. He took examples of Singapore and South Korea who have successfully tracked down the infected cases using similar apps. 
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“Based on those experiences, India has made its own effort through the app which will be an essential tool in India’s fight against the pandemic. He also referred to the possibility of the app being an e-pass which could subsequently facilitate travel from one place to another,” read an official statement. The concerned Ministry has earlier showed its gratitude to the industry for aiding the Aarogya Setu app which has now been installed over 50 million times from Google Play Store.
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In other news, the Indian GRead More…

Samsung cuts smartphone components orders due to COVID-19 4

Samsung cuts smartphone components orders due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is ravaging the world and changing the way we live our lives. The pandemic is also affecting several businesses around the world and making a lot of people lose their jobs. One of the industry sectors that is being highly-affected by this is the smartphone market. Smartphone makers, component suppliers, and chipset makers are trying to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19. However, the most recent problem is the low demand in light of tepid smartphone sales. According to the latest report, Samsung is limiting its component orders by half. According to several reports, Samsung is now making about 10 million smartphones a month. That’s a major decrease over the 25 million smartphones that the company was previously building. The most recent report regarding the limitation in component orders comes from sources that are familiar with the matter. Apparently, the Korean firm isn’t very optimistic about the market. The effects caused by demand shortage are here to stay and that makes sense. A lot of people lost their jobs, and there’s no guarantee that they will recover it soon. Moreover, we can’t really estimate when this crisis will end. In the next months, we’ll see people prioritizing essential goodies over smartphones. According to the report, the order cuts after Samsung’s entire smartphone portfolio. From the most low-end devices to the high-end Galaxy S20 family. SourceRead More…

COVID-19 lockdown: How to book LPG cylinder using Umang app 5

COVID-19 lockdown: How to book LPG cylinder using Umang app

As India gets into the second stage of the Covid-19 lockdown, we are compelled to go digital for our everyday purchases and bill-payments. One such essential home item is the LPG cylinder. It comes under the list of necessary items that are available for order during the lockdown. And here’s how you can order it. You can book an LPG Cylinder refill using the Umang app. For the uninitiated, Umang is an app launched by the Government of India. It’s a one-stop solution for availing various government services. One such service is booking LPG Gas Cylinders. Steps to book LPG Cylinder online via Umang First, download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your phone.
Open the app and register yourself by verifying your mobile number. Select your service provider. You can search for it too. For example, I picked the Bharat Gas. Ensure you have an account created on the service providers’ website. ALSO READ: How to find food and night shelters near you In the next screen, tap on Refill Order and confirm your details by tapping the Confirm button. ALSO READ: How to Whatsapp video call with 7 other participants You can opt for cash-on-delivery too. Whichever option you pick, tap on Order Now/tap on the Pay Now button. That’s all. Now, wait for the delivery. Share this: RelatedRead More…

TSMC no longer expects an expressive growth in 2020 due to COVID-19

Earlier this year, TSMC shared a forecast that was easily very optimistic. After all, the company was expecting huge demand and growth in the smartphone market with the expected increase of 5G smartphones. However, the COVID-19 pandemic came and change everything. The company was originally expecting an 8% market growth excluding the memory chip sector. Now, it lowered its foundry market growth forecast to somewhere between 7 and 13%. According to the report, TSMC now needs to adopt a more conservative view of  2020. After all, global pandemic changed the way we live our lives and also changed our needs. In the coming months, we may see a change in customer’s behavior. Smartphones and other non-essential goodies will easily see a drop this year. The company expects that the COVID-19 effects will keep affecting its business through the upcoming months. As aforementioned it will affect the smartphone industry as a whole. According to market analysts, we may experience a 7 to 9% worldwide market decrease in smartphone sales until the end of the year. The only thing that can change this fact is 5G. According to TSMC, vendors and network operators are aggressively marketing 5G and introducing new phones with 5G connectivity. With the advent of mid-range smartphones with the new connectivity, we can also expect it to become more popular among customers who can’t afford an expensive flagship. 5G will definitively drive the market in the coming years. Read More…

How to Find Food and Night Shelters Near You In India 6

How to Find Food and Night Shelters Near You In India

The Corona situation is far from over and the nation-wide lockdown in India has been extended till May 3. Amidst the turmoil, state governments and NGOs are operating food shelters and night shelters to help migrant workers and other economically weak sections sustain during the emergency, and Google is working with the government to make these facilities easier to locate. If you want to help a fellow desperate citizen with the location of nearest food or night shelter, here is what you can do: The feature works in both Hindi and English Method 1: Call the Helpline number Vodafone and Idea users can directly call on this number: 000 800 9191 000
This is Google Assistant’s Hotline, and after dialing the number, you may ask for “Food Shelters in <Followed by city name>. For instance, say, Food shelters in Aligarh’. Also Check: How to Setup Arogya Setu App and Use for Covid 19 contact tracking Method 2: Search in Google Maps Or you can simply open Google Maps and check for ‘Food shelter’ and ‘Night shelters’ search shortcuts in the Explore bar at the top.
The service currently works in 31+ cities and Google is working on expanding it to more regions. Also Read: How to get groceries delivered in Coronavirus Lockdown
To search in other cities, use “Food shelters in <City>” and “Night shelters in <City>” tabs. You may also use Google Assistant and Google search directly to search for nearby food shelters and night shelters. SRead More…

How to get curfew ePass in Uttar Pradesh amid Covid-19 lockdown 7

How to get curfew ePass in Uttar Pradesh amid Covid-19 lockdown

It’s been three weeks since the nation-wide lockdown announcement by the prime minister of India. This means, people across the country were urged to stay indoors and any form of travel, save for essential purchases got curbed. Now, essential service providers and those with some emergency work can travel, if they have state-issued curfew passes. Following Delhi‘s suit, Uttar Pradesh Govt. has also launched a site to apply the curfew e-pass. So, if you want one, here’s how to get one: Steps to get Curfew ePass in the state of U.P. 1 Visit Click on the Apply ePass option at the top right corner.
3. Enter your mobile phone number and register by entering the OTP that you receive.
In the next screen, you’ll have to fill personal details like name, DOB, gender, District name, Tehsil name, etc.
Accept the declaration and tap on the submit button.
Save the ePass ID to track the status in the future. Now you can track your application by visiting the site again. This time, you just have to click on the Track Your Application option. Submit your ePass ID and mobile phone number. Click on Search Your Application button to check the status of your application. Other Covid-19/Coronavirus articles: Share this: RelatedRead More…

How to apply Delhi Govt ePass and Track Status online 8

How to apply Delhi Govt ePass and Track Status online

Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) has forced the Indian government to enforce complete lockdown in the country. With the announcement of lockdown, most of the commercial and social activities have been suspended. To prevent community spread of COVID-19, the government is continuously requesting everyone to stay at home and follow social distancing if in case one is required to go out. Currently, only essentials services like medical shops, groceries, media, telecommunication services, etc are allowed to operate. For such services, the Delhi government is providing e-pass which is valid during lockdown curfew. One can be obtained e-pass following one of these two ways: How to apply for e-pass for Delhi via Whatsapp One of the easiest ways to apply for an e-pass in Delhi is via WhatsApp. The Delhi government has released a district-wise Whatsapp number list for people to send their details for obtaining e-pass. One has to share following details on their district Whatsapp e-pass helpline number: Name
Address or Place of engagement
Details of essential service/purpose
Period Time
Copy of official identity card
Vehicle number (if required) ALSO READ: How to get Curfew ePass in Uttar Pradesh Whatsapp Numbers for getting curfew e-Pass from the Delhi government East Delhi District
8447200084; 8375878007
North East Delhi District
9540895489; 8860425666
Central Delhi District
7428336279; 7428210711
New Delhi District
9540675392; 9873743727
North Delhi District
8595298706; 859Read More…

How to setup & use Aarogya Setu app for tracking Covid-19 9

How to setup & use Aarogya Setu app for tracking Covid-19

You may wonder how will Covid-19 be tracked once lockdown and social-distancing measures are lifted. The answer is – Contact Tracing. Simply put, contact tracing tells you if and when you were in proximity of someone who has Covid-19. Once you know that you’re exposed/contracted, you can proceed with self-quarantine and treatment. Govt. of India’s Aarogya Setu app will equip you for contact tracing. How does Aarogya Setu work? The app, which is out on App and Play Store, uses the location and Bluetooth services of your smartphone. When you’re in a hotspot area or in close contact with someone affected, you’ll be notified over the phone. Theoretically, here’s how it will work. Basically, once you download the app, you’ll be required to register with some personal details like Name, Age, Gender, whether you’re affected, whether you’ve symptoms, whether you were out of the country in recent times, etc. Now if every Indian has the app installed on their phone, and has filled correct details, then the infected will be effectively sifted. But, as you may argue this might not be practically possible due to
Wrong data entry intentionally or otherwise.
People might hesitate to install the app for a personal reason.
People don’t even know about the app’s existence.
They don’t have the ‘smart’ phone that supports this app.
But, those who can and are ready to install the app must be ready to work with a tiny probability of the other person having theRead More…