TikTok As Apple of Discord In China – US War 1

TikTok As Apple of Discord In China – US War

It is still unknown what a fate TikTok will have in the United States and in other markets as well. The Redmond-based Microsoft has restarted negotiations for the acquisition of TikTok’s U.S., Canada, and New Zealand businesses. But nothing still looks certain. Why did TikTok suddenly become a target of Trump? How did the thousands of Internet celebrities and users on TikTok respond to Trump’s recent frequent ban threats? If you still don’t understand, we will try to put the puzzle together.
Secret Behind TikTok’s Success
It’s not easy to say why the Indian and American markets began to hunt on TikTok. But the fundamental reason is that Bytedance has attracted the attention of the United States and India.
According to Sensor Tower’s data, during the epidemic, TikTok became more and more popular, with cumulative downloads reaching 2 billion in April, surpassing competitors Facebook and Snapchat. By the first quarter of 2020, it has set a record for the most downloads among all applications. Now, when TikTok is so popular, it is bound to change the ByteDance listing timetable again to a certain extent. ‘Besides being acquired or closed, TikTok should have no other hope in the United States, because the United States will deal with it more decisively than India.’ Some people admitted that since TikTok entered the United States, it has been predicted that the number of users will increase. After reaching a certain level, it will encounter various forces withiRead More…

WhatsApp is reportedly working on Multi-device support 2

WhatsApp is reportedly working on Multi-device support

WhatsApp has grown many-folds in the last few years and now has two billion active monthly users. Facebook has been continuously improving the ease of use for app and a new report suggests that WhatsApp will soon let users access the same WhatsApp account on multi-device using the same phone number. The WhatsApp messenger has been stuck to the equation of one number and one device since its inception, which also puts it at a disadvantage when compared to services like Telegram. While multi-device support has always been a need when it comes to a person using more than one mobile phone or tablet, it’s more of a necessity for business users where the same account needs to be accessed by different operatives. ALSO READ: Sony WF-XB700 review Access WhatsApp on Multiple Phones First discovered by WABetaInfo, a series of clues were later identified that hint towards multi-device support. The dedicated section on the app will show a list of devices on which a WhatsApp account is being used. Image credit: WABetaInfo The shared screenshots, however, suggest the company will be limiting four devices to be linked with a WhatsApp number. The shown message hints that it also counts web logins through browsers. As of now, users can open Web WhatsApp on a single browser at a time. ALSO READ: Qualcomm QuickCharge 5.0 Leverages USB PD For 100W Charging Multi-account support is definitely convenient but do you think it is a move in the right direction? One number one account lends a senRead More…

Facebook and WhatsApp users will be able to chat with each other 3

Facebook and WhatsApp users will be able to chat with each other

Facebook and WhatsApp users will be able to communicate with each other soon. WABetaInfo spoke about identifying the beginnings of a future cross-platform. The experts from the mentioned portal have been able to discover the preparation for integrating WhatsApp with the Facebook messenger by chance. The experts, who got into the service settings, saw the attempts of web resources to bring contacts, chat functionality and other parameters to a common denominator.
Recall that the idea of ​​creating a single platform for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is promoted by Mark Zuckerberg. The findings identified by the WABetaInfo guys indicate an intensification of efforts in this direction. Recall that recently, Whatsapp web version has finally received a dark theme. In addition, Whatsapp app has received new features.
WhatsApp is still the most popular messenger in the world, but every day its competitors are gaining more popularity, among them we have Telegram. The company owned by Facebook does not like this situation, therefore, they began to actively add important features to the messenger that were previously ignored for some reason.
WhatsApp new update adds a lot of great functions
Perhaps the most important innovation is animated stickers. Such a seemingly common feature for users of Telegram, WeChat and iMessage was added by Whatsapp developers only in today’s update. Previously, lovers of beautiful pictures that express emotions very much had to be content witRead More…

Instagram brings Reels in India to fill the gap left by TikTok 4

Instagram brings Reels in India to fill the gap left by TikTok

Instagram has rolled out a new short-video tool Reels within its existing app in India. The new feature aims to be a Tiktok replacement. Though many Indian apps like Chingari, Mitron, and Roposo have gained popularity as an alternative to Tik-Tok.
Reels was first introduced in Brazil last year and later in France and Germany. Facebook-owned Instagram took the step to bring Reels in India after the central government banned 59 Chinese apps on June 30, giving a major set back to TikTok, Likee, Helo, etc. Instagram has revealed that video posts comprise one-third of total Instagram posts and about 45% videos of the total fall in 15 seconds cap.  This stat has triggered the social media giant to come up with the concept of Reels.
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What is Reels on Instagram?
Reels is the new feature on Instagram which enables users to make and upload short videos up to 15 seconds in duration. Reels is a completely different platform but is implemented on the existing Instagram app. The feature will be available on the camera interface where users access live, boomerang, superzoom and other features for stories. How does Reels work on Instagram?
To record the 15-sec video, Instagram fans get plenty of background music libraries and effects including speed control, zoom, blur, slo-mo, hyper-lapse, editing tools, marque effects like green screen, and more. Reels also offers Sparks AR to be used while creating content. The usersRead More…

Instagram rolls out Reels in India just days after the ban of TikTok 5

Instagram rolls out Reels in India just days after the ban of TikTok

In early July 2020, the TikTok app was banned in India following a deadly clash between Indian and Chinese forces. Instagram was quick to seize this opportunity since only a few days after this announcement, the social network belonging to Facebook decided to start the deployment of Reels in the country. As a reminder, this Instagram feature aims to compete with TikTok. Instagram rolls out Reels in India just days after the ban of TikTok
While TikTok and 58 other Chinese applications have just been banned in India, Instagram is seizing this opportunity to deploy Reels in India. First launched in Brazil in November 2019, this new feature represents, for Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, a means of coping with the dazzling success of TikTok, which recently passed the 2 billion download mark.
Indeed, Reels offers Instagram users the possibility of creating short videos, very similar to those of the Chinese application. Thanks to simplified editing tools, followers of the social network belonging to Facebook have the possibility of making their creations more lively and creative. And all this, with a musical background. For Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, this functionality is all the more important since it follows the failure of Lasso, a recently closed application whose objective, when launched in 2018, was to compete with TikTok. Instagram relies on Reels to compete with TikTok
Contacted by Business Insider, a Facebook spokesperson half-confirmed the expansRead More…

Facebook’s Clone Of TikTok “Lasso” Shuts Down Due To Awful Response 6

Facebook’s Clone Of TikTok “Lasso” Shuts Down Due To Awful Response

TikTok became one of the most popular mobile applications. The app became popular among youngsters because of the features it offered. The idea behind TikTok is simple: create short videos with a music background from a rich audio library. The idea became a hit, and the app is currently rocking 1,000,000,000+ downloads on Play store alone, which is insane. This led Facebook to create an app like TikTok called Lasso. However, it was unsuccessful. Facebook Lasso also encouraged short videos with a music background, and it was a pure replica of TikTok. But when you have strong competition in the market already, then chances of success aren’t much. The same happened with Lasso, it failed miserably. Moreover, the fun fact is that it never crossed the regional test stage. Outside the US, It was limited to only a certain number of countries from Central and South America, including Colombo, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Uruguay. This isn’t the first time a rip-off app by Mark Zuckerberg failed. They also launched a Pinterest rip-off Hobbi, that also failed. In 2014, they introduced a clone of Snapchat which was known as the SlingShot app. It also failed, and never got enough popularity. However, when they just add features in the trio (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) it becomes a hit. Like when they copied the story idea from Snapchat and added to Instagram, it became a success. And now stories are a popular feature availaRead More…

India launches ‘Elyments’, its own Facebook-like social media platform 7

India launches ‘Elyments’, its own Facebook-like social media platform

India launched its own social media platform ‘Elyments’ on July 5. The nation’s Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu took the opportunity to present the social media super app through an online event.
The app comes with features unified from other major social media applications to develop a powerful platform. Elyments will give a close competition to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
ALSO READ: WhatsApp brings new web features On the occasion of Guru Purnima, the Vice President, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu virtually launched an indigenously developed social media super app- Elyments. pic.twitter.com/1R32MGiOd7
— Vice President of India (@VPSecretariat) July 5, 2020 The new social media platform is created indigenously in India by over 1,000 IT professionals who are also volunteers of Art of Living. The Elyments app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store across the world. The app has already seen more than 1 lakh downloads.
Features on Elyments Social Media App
The Elyments app is currently available in 8 Indian languages and is planned to be availed in other linguistics. The users can connect and converse with friends, share updates, and discover interests with like-minded people to build a network with them. The Elyments also has support for voice and video calls similar to Facebook and WhatsApp.
To make the social postings interesting, the photography feature of Elyments is given inbuilt filters and augmented reality (AR) characters. The app also has featurRead More…

WhatsApp brings new web features: Animated stickers, QR codes, dark mode and more 8

WhatsApp brings new web features: Animated stickers, QR codes, dark mode and more

WhatsApp has rolled out some more features that are popular on other similar platforms. The new features include animated stickers, QR codes, dark mode for WhatsApp web, status updates to KaiOS, and group video call improvements.
WhatsApp has seen a humungous upsurge in its use since people got locked into their homes due to coronavirus pandemic. WhatsApp announced these new features in an official blog published on July 1.
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WhatsApp New Features
Stickers have been immensely popular on Telegram, WeChat, iMessage, and other platforms while WhatsApp offered a basic package of stickers. With the new feature, users will be able to send animated stickers from the collection to make the chats interesting. WhatsApp now adds QR codes to each profile. Each account will have a unique QR code that will help to add the new contacts just by scanning their QR codes. This brings an end to manually saving new numbers to the contact list.  WhatsApp already has introduced dark mode for the mobile apps earlier but the web version was still behind. After the implementation of new features, the WhatsApp web and desktop version will get the dark mode theme matching the app. Also, KaiOS users were earlier denied 24 hours status service but WhatsApp has covered the feature too.
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To improve group video calls, WhatsApp enables the option to maximize theRead More…

Facebook starts rolling out Dark Theme for more users on Android and iOS 9

Facebook starts rolling out Dark Theme for more users on Android and iOS

Back in the last year, Facebook rolled out a Dark Mode for Messenger. Since then, users have been waiting for a similar mode coming to the Facebook app on iOS and Android. The request for Dark Mode through Facebook’s portfolio of apps is a recurring theme. However, it finally gained force with the arrival of iOS 13 and Android 10 featuring system-wide dark modes. After that move, many companies started to develop dark counterparts of its light-eye-straining applications. Facebook is one of these companies that is slowly converting its social media/messenger portfolio to comply with recent dark mode guidelines. In February, the company rolled out the dark mode setting for the Facebook Lite app, however, the main Facebook app still hadn’t received this option. We first saw Facebook’s dark mode in action earlier this month, when 9to5Google shared some screenshots revealing the application. The screenshots also revealed the app’s COVID-19 tracker. Now, the company is giving a further step that will surely bring joy for enthusiasts of Dark Apps. According to a report from SocialMediaToday, the company has finally started rolling out the new dark mode for a few users. So I have dark mode on Facebook now. 😍 #darkmode #facebook #iOS14 pic.twitter.com/AuC5uYoMJ2
— 🐍🏀💜💛 (@NotFridayCraig) June 26, 2020 The report cites screenshots shared by @NotFridayCraig on Twitter. It showcases a new dark mode setting in Facebook for iOS. When asked for a statement on Read More…

WhatsApp started testing multi-device access and many other features 10

WhatsApp started testing multi-device access and many other features

The team of the popular WhatsApp messenger began to test the feature that users have been asking for, for many years. Yes, we are talking about simultaneous access to an account from several devices at the same time (WhatsApp multi-device access). For example, the app can be in use from a smartphone and a tablet. WhatsApp started testing multi-device access and many other features Yes, it’s the ability to use your WhatsApp account from 4 devices at the same time.Under development, but it’s great!
📱📱📱📱 pic.twitter.com/JYvtMahrag
— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) June 12, 2020 The upcoming changes were reported by the WABetaInfo. According to the source, the WhatsApp account can be used from four devices at the same time. At the moment, the function is under development and will soon appear in beta. However, we do not know the exact launch dates yet.
WhatsApp users have been dreaming of the appearance of true support for working with multiple devices since the launch of the messenger in 2009. Synchronization between devices with the simultaneous operation of WhatsApp is simply not provided. WhatsApp currently only allows you to connect to your account from one device. Even the desktop version of WhatsApp can only work in conjunction with the running application on the smartphone, simply “mirroring” it. The WhatsApp team also tests several other useful functions including searching by date and new tools for using memory. In addition to sorting photos in a chRead More…