How to manage an Apple Card account without your iPhone 1

How to manage an Apple Card account without your iPhone

Apple has finally relented and launched an online dashboard for the Apple Card, which will enable easy account management away from the iPhone for the first time.
The new web portal, which is live at enables shoppers to manage their balance, view statements, pay bills and more. Existing card holders can sign in using their Apple ID.
Previously, all of this was only possible via an iOS device via the Apple Wallet app, so many cardholders will be glad to have a little more flexibility moving forward.
The online presence is pretty necessary if Apple Card users lose their iPhones, for example. It meant the only way users could access their account was to actually make a phone call Apple’s partner bank Goldman Sach’s.
Given Apple marketed its expansion into financial services as a futuristic revolution, this aspect of the service didn’t quite fit the billing and has now been remedied, presumably after demand from users.
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The Apple Card is groundbreaking in a number of ways, most notably for its reliance on the Apple Pay digital platform, as well as the lack of fees. There’s no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee and no late payment fees.
It also promises up to 3% cash back, including on all purchases you make from Apple on every purchase that goes into an Apple Cash account, smart interest calculations based on how much you’re willing to pay off your balance per month, and much more. There’s also a fancy physical card made ofRead More…

How to use the phone as a webcam for your PC 2

How to use the phone as a webcam for your PC

We are all relying on video calls to communicate with each other, be it for personal or professional purposes. Thus, we turn to our computer’s webcam and if it’s of poor quality (which most of them are) or damaged, a big bummer! Gladly, there’s a workaround, in fact, an easy one. Droidcam is an app that lets you use your phone camera as a webcam on Windows 10 and Linux PCs.
DroidCam is said to work with third-party video call apps like Zoom, Skype, etc. It is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. So, first and foremost, download the app for your respective operating system(s).
Having done that, let’s see how it works:
Setting up DroidCam via WiFi
Install both the phone and the PC client. Start the app on both devices and accept necessary permissions on the phone. Ensure, both the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. The DroidCam app on your phone will show an IP address and port number, which must be entered into a field on the PC client.
Click Start.
If everything is done well so far, you should see the camera output relayed from the phone’s rear optics.
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Additionally, you can connect both devices using USB cable too.
Setting up DroidCam via USB
On Android:
Ensure USB Debugging (inside phone’s Developer Settings) is turned on. Rest, you just have to dock the phone using a USB cable into the PC.
Start the client and choose “Connect over USB” and thRead More…

How to use Spotify on Amazon Alexa enabled Echo devices 3

How to use Spotify on Amazon Alexa enabled Echo devices

Alexa! play Spotify. Yes, you can now ask Alexa to play your favorite music, or favorite playlist or favorite podcast through Spotify on echo devices. This Spotify-Alexa integration shall work for both Premium and free tier subscribers in India.
The Swedish company claims that customers will be able to summon Alexa in English, Hindi or Hinglish to listen to Spotify. Also, users will be able to ask Alexa to play music by artist, album, track, genre, and even personalized playlists, as per their service plan.
How to get Spotify on your Amazon Echo devices
Open the Alexa app your phone and login into linked Amazon account.
Now go to Settings Menu.
Look for the ‘Music’ section.
Now ‘Link New Service’ by tapping on the plus button.
It will open a new menu with a list of available music skills. Just tap on Spotify.
It will open a web page to authorize by filling in Spotify username and password.
Once the login process is complete, you need to set Spotify as ‘default music service’ from the Music menu.
Now, that you have managed to connect your Spotify account with your Amazon Alexa account, you need to do is ask Alexa to play Spotify. You can request Alexa for music playback with voice commands like “Alexa, play Badshah songs on Spotify”, “Alexa, play meditational music on Spotify” and more. Here are a bunch of voice commands that users can use to control Spotify streaming on an Amazon Echo device. These include:
“Alexa, play my Daily Mix 1 on SpotRead More…

How to download iOS 14 right now on your iPhone 4

How to download iOS 14 right now on your iPhone

Apple has just released iOS 14 at WWDC and it features a load of new stuff we’ve been wanting in the software that powers iPhones for years. Here’s how to get those brand-new features right now.
From updates to Messages, a refreshed homescreen and support for widgets, iOS 14 is a big update for the iPhone. We expect a full release to come alongside the iPhone 12, however there are ways to get in on the action early.
How to download iOS 14 now
As usual, Apple is restricting iOS 14 in its current beta state to those who are registered developers. That means you need to be a paying iOS developer to get access to the betas.
Apple will release a public version of the beta for anyone to download in July.
Related: iPadOS 14 features If you are a registered developer then the iOS 14 betas should be available on the Developer Portal from today (June 22). You’ll be able to install the correct profile and then download the new software directly to your iPhone.
You’ll get OTA updates throughout the beta process as new features are added and bugs are squashed.
As is always the case with these betas, they will likely be buggy to begin with and slowly get better as these issues are ironed out and we wouldn’t recommend anyone installing the beta on a primary device. Best to stick to a secondary iPhone that you won’t struggle without if certain features aren’t working quite as they should.
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iOS 14 is a big update, with plenty of new stuff to get excited aRead More…

What time is WWDC? How to watch Apple's iOS 14 launch on YouTube tonight 5

What time is WWDC? How to watch Apple’s iOS 14 launch on YouTube tonight

Apple’s big summer WWDC event takes place today and for the first time, it’s an online-only affair. Here are all the details of how to watch the show and what time it starts.
Normally held with a huge audience full of developers, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC, or affectionately dub-dub) kicks off today with the Keynote address.
What time is WWDC?
Apple’s WWDC conference kicks off tonight (Monday 22) with the ‘Special Event’ keynote address. It starts at 6 pm (BST), and 10 am PDT/1 pm ET.
There will also be events throughout the week aimed at developers. Usually, these would take place in-person at physical events with the videos posted later, however things are different this year as it’s a purely online event with no attendance.
We’re intrigued to see how Apple handles this online-only event, as not all of the ones we’ve seen over the last few months have worked too well.
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How to stream WWDC online
The easiest way to watch WWDC live online is through YouTube. You can find the stream below in the embedded video and it’ll start once the show kicks off. You can even set a reminder.
[embedded content]The stream will also be available on Apple’s site and through the TV app on devices like the iPhone, iPad and more. The TV app is available on the Apple TV box too, so you can make a proper evening of it and watch the show from the comfort of your sofa.
Apple used to be difficult when it came to streaming events, making tRead More…

How to remove duplicate songs from YouTube Music playlist 6

How to remove duplicate songs from YouTube Music playlist

YouTube Music has inarguably the largest library of songs thanks to a mix of official and unofficial uploads. But, while it shines in quantity, it lacks in quality, especially in the way the app is designed. It’s been 5 years since the launch, and still, YouTube Music feels half-baked.
Just take a basic thing like removing duplicates for instance. The service stopped alerting users about duplicates when adding new songs to a playlist. If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry. There’s an easy workaround to identify and delete duplicates from the YouTube Music playlists.
Here’s how it goes:
Remove duplicate songs from YouTube Music playlists
You must go to Youtube on a PC for carrying out this process.
1. Go to the YouTube playlist with duplicate songs
Sign in to your YouTube account, if you haven’t already. Then access the playlist you want to manage from the right sidebar.
This would take you to the respective playlist page.
2. Tap the 3-dot menu, then Playlist settings and finally select Advanced Settings
You’ll be directed to the following page.
3. Press Remove Duplicates
To the right-hand side, you’ll see the “Remove Duplicate” button, if your playlist has duplicates. You must keep on pressing that button until all copies are removed. Each time you tap, the deletion happens and the page reloads. However, when clicking on the button does nothing, do a manual page refresh, and repeat the step. It could take time depending upon the number of duplicate enRead More…

Variable zoom in smartphones is drawing near 7

Variable zoom in smartphones is drawing near

Optical zoom in smartphones is principally different from that of DSLRs. They don’t employ actual moving lenses for zooming as its the case with traditional cameras. In our phones, multiple sensors with individual fixed focal lengths are used when we cycle between various levels of zooms (2x/3x/5x/10x). But all that’s about to change with the introduction of variable zoom in phones.
A Chinese image sensor manufacturer named O-Film has demoed a periscope camera tech that’s capable of achieving continuous zoom.
The periscope zoom is something we have already seen within phones from Huawei, Samsung, and Oppo. But, this new implementation will be even more useful.
Here’s how it works in theory:
How variable zoom in phones work? As you can see in the above animation, O-film is using a piezoelectric motor to move the lenses between the preferred focal lengths. It states a seamless variable zoom between 85mm and 170mm (35mm equivalent) while the lens aperture changes from f/3.1 to f/5.1.
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The company says currently it can cover anywhere between 3x to 7x magnification, as a result. And going forward, it can produce designs with 3 to 5x, 5 to 8x, and 3.5 to 9.5x zoom ranges. This brings versatility and more perspectives. Further, you would see both motion stability (thanks to periscope prism) and autofocus being handled simultaneously.
Periscope lens implementation inside an Oppo_Reno_10x_zoomIRead More…

Best mountain bike wheel size – is 29 or 27.5 right for you? 8

Best mountain bike wheel size – is 29 or 27.5 right for you?

Wheel size is an important decision that sets up one of the foundations of the bike. Editor’s Note: This sponsored post was created in collaboration with Santa Cruz Bicycles.
29 or 27.5 – Which mountain bike wheel size is best?
When you first walk into a bike shop or go online to do some research before buying a new mountain bike, you’re quickly faced with a few key decisions. First, what type of category or bike should you get? Hardtail, cross-country, trail, all-mountain/enduro, downhill, e-bike? After choosing the category that’s right for you, your second choice should be wheel size.
Which wheel size is right for you? There are a number of factors that go into selecting the right mountain bike wheel size. We’ll help you navigate the underlying qualities of diameter, evaluate the pros and cons of each, and arm you with the tools to help decide which is right for you.
Here are some of the main factors to consider when determining the proper mountain bike wheel size for you:
Riding style
X-factors, like rider height
“Mullet setups”
What to do if you’re upgrading from a 26er
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This is used to be the middle mountain bike wheel size, but with the decline of the 26-inch option, 27.5 is now the smaller wheel. In a nutshell, it’s best characterized as the fun-sized wheel sRead More…

How to make and answer phone calls from your Windows PC or Laptop 9

How to make and answer phone calls from your Windows PC or Laptop

The continuity feature of Apple’s Mac and iOS has been one of the most coveted features for Windows users. It lets users seamlessly continue editing documents or photos while switching between Apple devices.
Now with Window’s Your Phone app, Microsoft has managed to bridge the ecosystem barrier between Windows and Android to let users manage and mirror their phone on PC wirelessly.
With Your Phone Aoo, users can check notifications, revert back to messages and even answer calls, or call someone straight from their Windows 10 machine. To enjoy these features all you need is ‘Your Phone App’ on your Android v7 or above the phone with windows 10 PC with Bluetooth support.
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Before we get to ‘how to make phone calls from windows machine’, let’s first help you get Your Phone app and link it to your windows laptop or desktop PC. To do so follow these steps: Go to start menu on your Windows 10 machine, and type in ‘Your Phone’ and hit enter.
Once the app opens it will ask you for a mobile number. Enter your active number on the Android device. Microsoft with send a link to Android version on Your phone companion app.
Click on the link to download Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion app on your Android device, it comes pre-installed on Samsung phones.
Once the installation process is complete, open the companion app and sign-in with your Microsoft account information.
Now, the Companion app will ask promRead More…

How to get free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription With Jio and Airtel connection 10

How to get free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription With Jio and Airtel connection

Disney+ Hotstar is one of the leading OTT players in the country. The service includes diverse content ranging from live streaming of popular sports including cricket to daily soaps to marvel superhits. Major Telcos in India are naturally stepping up to help users get Hotstar subscription for free.
Both Airtel and Jio are now offering annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription worth Rs. 399 for free with select prepaid recharge plans. This means user won’t have to pay any Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription charges to watch IPL 2020 or TV channels like Star Cricket, Star Plus, Star Gold, Star Movies, etc live.
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Disney+ Hotstar Subscriptions plans: VIP Vs Premium
Disney+ Hotstar currently offers two subscription plans: Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium.
Disney+ Hotstar VIP
Disney+ Hotstar Premium
Disney+: Shows, Movies & Kids content (dubbed)Exclusive Hotstar Specials Live Sports: Including Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1. Latest episodes of Indian TV Shows at 6 AM every day, New Indian Movie Premieres
Disney+: Disney+ Originals, Shows, Movies & Kids content.Latest American Shows & movies: Uncut, ad-free & minutes after America.Exclusive Hotstar Specials: Latest Episodes of Indian TV Shows at 6 AM every dayLive Sports: Including Cricket, Premier League & Formula 1.
Price: ₹399/year
Price: ₹299/month or ₹1499/year
Here is how you can get free Disney+ Hotstar VIP from Jio and Airtel one by one:
HowRead More…