Earplugs For Motorcyclists

You have riding protection for your hands, feet, legs, torso, and head, so why not your ears? You may be a safe rider, but some motorcyclists don’t realize that they are still affecting that valuable organ when they are traveling at roadway speeds. Take care of yourself by putting a barrier between your eardrums and the damaging decibels by wearing earplugs. These ones can help.
Quality Over Quantity These earplugs from Vibes are editor tested and the noise reduction quality is great. These earplugs help filter specific frequencies while still allowing sounds from communication systems, for example, to come through rather than blocking all sound out completely. They not only protect your ears, but they are nearly invisible with the low-profile design. Different tip sizes are included to allow the best fit possible. Enclose it in its own carrying case and you can fit these safely in your pocket when you are off the bike.
Power In Numbers Earplugs, being the small and bouncy little things that they are, tend to get lost if dropped. They can be misplaced anywhere, so your best bet to make sure you have them available is to stockpile them, with a 200-pack like this one—do I sound like a hoarder? Maybe. I digress, these are prepackaged and claimed to be soil resistant due to their closed foam structure that prevents dirt buildup. Squeeze them down and insert them. They too fit in most ear sizes. These have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32.
Not So Flashy The beige coloRead More…

Giving Your Garage A Face-Lift? Check Out These Products.

The garage. Sometimes it is kept fantastically organized with immaculate showroom floor quality while others, well, are full-blown storage units that leave the car or motorcycle out in the elements. The key to achieving the first setup is to start out with shelving, then keep all of the smaller parts organized. Top it all off with a solid floor paint and you have yourself a better-looking place to house or work on your vehicle.
For The Walls Don’t have your garage lacking when it comes to shelving. Stacking boxes on top of one another won’t quite cut it because it restricts access to the ones on the bottom, not to mention the possibility of rodents slinking their way in to chew up the precious family photo albums. Keep the boxes or storage containers up off the ground on a wire rack like this one. With the 3-inch wheel casters you can mobilize the shelf and easily arrange it where you see fit.
For The Ceiling Talk about keeping things off the ground. Hanging shelves are a great way to maximize the unused space in the garage. Measuring 96 inches x 48 inches x 22–40 inches, this rack is a great way to keep seasonal or less frequently used items out of the way when not in use. Plus the heavy-duty steel allows for loads up to 600 pounds—if installed correctly, of course.
For The Parts Nuts, bolts, and wrenches strewn about make a garage cluttered and unkempt. Keeping those smaller parts in their own compartment will allow you to locate them with ease and keep your gaRead More…

A Variety Of Sponges That Help Keep Your Motorcycle Shining

Many of us have a pride of ownership when it comes to our motorcycles. We want it to look its best, as if preparing it to win “Best In Show” awards as soon as the garage door opens. In order to have it in tip-top shape a good washing is needed fairly frequently. Bugs, soot, and dirt. There are all sorts of debris looking to stick to your windshield, fit into the crevices of your rims, or splash all over the underside of your fenders. A good sponge can scrub away the imperfections and ultimately end in a lustrous shine, so we’ve gathered up a variety for such cleaning uses.
The Big Classic Sponge A classic absorbent sponge like this one from Creative Hobbies is perfectly adequate for the weekly wash. This pack consists of four large 7.5 x 5 x 2-inch sponges that are easy to hold. It is long lasting, which allows for a multitude of washes. It may seem odd, but I have a nostalgia with a sponge like this. My father would coax us kids into washing the family cars and we would use this style of sponge. It always seemed to get the job done just fine—and if I was lucky, I got an extra buck of allowance in my pocket afterward.
Dense And Soft Sponge Another option is a porous sponge like this one which holds and distributes soap well, limiting the amount of times you go back to the bucket. Its cross-cut pattern is touted to pull dirt from the painted surfaces of your motorcycle or car and reduce marring—after all, a sponge is meant to rid your vehicle of flaws, not create Read More…

Paper Towels For Your Garage Or Home

Spills happen. And spills of motorcycle oil or other fluids that soil cloth towels beyond recognition are better off cleaned up by a paper towel. Wipe it up, dispose of the paper towel, and it’s almost as if it never happened. And of course paper towels serve their purpose throughout the household too, like drying hands or cleaning up some spilt milk—don’t cry, but if you do, the paper towel could even be used to sop up the tears too.
Rock ’n’ Roll This Georgia-Pacific paper towel package has six paper towel rolls. Each roll has 324 sheets, so if you do the math like Miss June taught you in class you will find that there’s 1,944 sheets to use. As a center-pull roll these paper towels can be kept in one centralized location of the shop or garage without cluttering up the place. These are touted by the manufacturer as being a thick and absorbent high-quality paper towel versus the standard paper towel, and who wouldn’t want those qualities?
Eco-Conscious If you didn’t think you would be stocked up before with 2,000 sheets option, then this 4,000 sheet case of paper towels is sure to satisfy your paper towel craving. The 16 packs are sure to go a long way in any household. These paper towels are also made from a high percentage of recycled fiber, so you can feel a little better about using them.
Quick Dry Another option that keeps the environment in mind is this 16-pack from Tork. These leaf-embossed towels are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifiRead More…

All About That Motorcycle Oil

The most expensive motorcycle component is the engine, so it’s ironic that the engine is dependent on the cheapest thing you can buy for your bike—new oil. Here are some good reasons to change your motorcycle oil: If your bike’s under warranty, you need to keep up with the service requirements in the manual to keep that warranty in effect. And even if you’ve had your bike for years, you’ll want to safeguard your investment by keeping the engine in good shape. Which brings us back to that inexpensive, sweet, essential oil. There’s a dizzying array of brands, viscosities, and ratings to consider, so start by consulting your owner’s manual—or online, if you don’t have one—to select the correct oil grade and rating. And then do it. You’ll be glad you did.
Race-Derived Engine Oil Castrol is well known for its engine oil and has ultimately designed it to protect your motorcycle with “Trizone technology,” which essentially translates to an oil that protects your four-stroke engine, clutch, and gearbox. With it being a race-derived engine oil, you can make sure your motorcycle’s internals are up to snuff. This is a 10w-40 full-synthetic oil, so be sure to consult your manual to ensure this suits the specs of your motorcycle. The oil is claimed to exceed API SL and JASO MA-2 requirements.
V-twin Protection Can you ever have too much motorcycle oil? This Mobil 1 engine oil comes in a case of six 1-quart jugs, ensuring that your garage will be stockeRead More…

Get A Magnetic Attraction With These Magnetic Tool Trays

Wouldn’t you love to have a dollar—or better yet, $100—for every small part, fastener, and tool you’ve fumbled while crouching over or reaching into a bike in the driveway or garage? We’ll take $100 per mistake Pat, and then call ourselves rich. The point is, dropped parts don’t have to be lost parts with the variety of inexpensive magnetic parts trays available today. They come in multiple sizes, from discreet to almost cowboy hat-sized, letting you select what you need for your workload. Do a lot of oil and filter changes? Get one sized for different bolts and plugs. Change a lot of tires? Choose a tray long enough to hold a breaker bar and axles. The choice is yours. Each tray shown here has a magnetic base, so you can position it right-side up, sideways, or even upside down.
Scale Up Or Down For The Job The prolific Titan offers more than a half-dozen different dimensions of Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Trays, including various round and rectangular shapes. The simplest and most economical example is this 4-1/4-inch round dish. It cleverly features a rubber-coated magnetic base to prevent scratching painted surfaces, such as your motorcycle’s painted steel gas tank or fenders, your tool box or lift, or chrome-plated steel components such as an exhaust system, fenders, headlight rim or similar. Bottom line, this compact magnetic Titan tray attached easily and will capture loose steel fasteners and tools at any angle, making it perfect for motorcycle pRead More…

Build A Wall Of Sound With These Bluetooth Speakers

It all seems silly now, those big old stereo receivers, turntables, cassette players, studio monitors, and the rest, all just to get some scratchy tunes going. That’s because now, with a smartphone and an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker or two, you can fill your garage with high-quality sound. And we don’t mean the kind from a pneumatic impact wrench! Now ubiquitous thanks to their rollout in cars years ago, Bluetooth technology in this case pairs your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device to a stand-alone stereo speaker, which then gut-punches out your favorite auditory works. You know, Skynyrd and stuff like that. The speakers are self-powered courtesy of integrated lithium batteries, and can deliver a day’s worth—or even 24 hours—of beats between recharging. Truthfully, while technically stereo devices, the speakers are too close together for good sound imaging. But for more and better sound, pair two speakers together.
Loud And Proud For the money, the third-generation OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 5.0 Bluetooth Speaker has tons going for it. For one thing, you can wirelessly pair two of the speakers together, up to 100 feet apart from your smartphone, tablet, or other programming source to literally fill the room with “dual stereo” sound. Now to the details: The OontZ Angle 3 Ultra kicks out 14 watts of sound, features an aux-in port so you can cable it to secondary speakers, and can handle your smartphone calls wirelessly. The manufacturer says the unit Read More…

Quality Coolants For Cool Bikes

As history tells it—possibly mixed with a bit of urban legend—California’s tolerance for lane-splitting motorcycles stems from the tendency of the old air-cooled bike engines to overheat in traffic on hot days. Whether that’s fact or fiction is of little concern to today’s crop of liquid-cooled bikes though. Because ever since the days of the Suzuki Water Buffalo and Honda Gold Wing (i.e., the 1970s), upscale bikes often incorporated liquid-cooling, a feature that continues to chip away at model lineups across the market, from dirt to street and everything in between. But just because they’re impervious to idling around in the heat doesn’t mean liquid-cooled bikes can be ignored. They still need regular servicing, including oil and filter changes, tires and brakes, drive chains or belts, and—less frequently but still necessarily—engine coolant. When the time comes, pick a quality coolant and treat your bike right.
For Cool Beemers Most modern BMWs are liquid-cooled, and so in keeping with that protocol, BMW offers its own unique branded Antifreeze/Coolant cocktail. Available in 1-gallon jugs, this BMW product offers a stated year-round protection against “corrosion, boil-overs, and heat damage.” Probably no one runs plain water in their radiators anymore, but if that’s you, switching to a coolant like this will prohibit what may ultimately turn into expensive or corrosion issues inside the cooling system’s galleys, fittings, and radiator. BeingRead More…

Disposable Gloves: The Quiet Heroes Of The Motorcycle Shop

Stash a box of disposable gloves next to your toolbox or in your truck, and here’s what you will and won’t get. First, you’ll trend toward better long-term health because your organs will absorb less gasoline and oil—and fewer chemicals and cleaners—during your work years. And then, regarding what you won’t get, that’s simple: You won’t get nearly as much grease, oil, dirt, and grime on your mitts when you’re up to your elbows in brake-pad replacement, oil, and filter changes, or cleaning and detailing your ride. Disposable gloves are just that—disposable after each use—and so by nature they’re thinner and less durable than reusable mechanics gloves. But their lighter-duty calling offers an advantage too, including excellent feel for fine parts, assemblies, and tools. Plus, in the product range shown here, gloves come 100 to 200 per box—plenty to go around.
Great Grip, Great Price Sold in boxes of 100, GlovePlus Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves make it quick, convenient, and inexpensive to take care of your hands and health while working on your machine. These disposable powder-free gloves are 5 millimeters thick and feature a fully textured grip, helping your dexterity with tools and parts. The industrial-grade gloves are highly elastic for a snug fit and better feel, and are both chemical and puncture resistant. They are also latex free, making them a safe choice for those who are allergic to the material. Affordably priced, they come in smallRead More…

Reusable Gloves For Tough Jobs

Gloves: They’re essential for riding, but what about for wrenching? Survey says…yes! Borrowing from literature, “Let us count the ways.” First and foremost, a good pair of reusable work gloves protects your hands from injury, whether that’s from a sharp metal edge on that taillight bracket you’re fabricating, or from a slip of the wrench that drives your knuckles into a bolt head or brake caliper. Second, gloves make truly sucky jobs like levering old tires off, or torquing axle nuts, more comfortable. And then, there’s neatness. Mechanics who have gotten anti-seize or Pematex Form-A-Gasket Sealant on their fingers know it’ll still be there when they’re at dinner hours later. Finally, gloves can improve your grip, and extend your work hours. And so, for the small amount of coin that reusable gloves require, they’re quite simply a must-have. Here are four good choices.
Smart, Comfortable, And Washable Available in sizes from extra small all the way up to XXL, these Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves are designed to provide several distinct advantages. First is safety, thanks to a thermoplastic rubber knuckle that provides both abrasion impact and protection. Second is fit, owing to 16 application-driven measurements used in their design, along with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. Perhaps unexpectedly, next comes sweat management; a terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of each thumb lets you wipe your brow without removing the gloves. And finally,Read More…