We may get the official prices of Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX next week 1

We may get the official prices of Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX next week

The next-generation gaming consoles will officially hit the shelves towards the end of the year. The major players are Japanese Sony and American Microsoft. As of now, these companies have officially confirmed the hardware specs of their consoles. In addition, we have official information on the design and some of the game lineup. However, the official price of the Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX remains unknown. However, according to analyst Roberto Serrano, Japanese manufacturer, Sony will soon announce the price of the PlayStation 5. Specifically, he said that this company will announce the price of the PS5 on July 13. As for Microsoft XSX, we all know that it is waiting for the PS5 to announce its price first. Roberto Serrano also confirmed this. He said that the Microsoft Xbox team has not announced the price of XSX because it is waiting for Sony to announce the price of PS5. It needs to know the price of the PS5 so as to obtain the price advantage. He believes that the previous Xbox One sold less than half of the PS4, and an important reason is its price. According to previous reports, the XSX will be $100 cheaper than whatever the price of the PS5 will be.  Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX hardware comparison PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz(variable frequency, with SMT)
8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.8GHz(3.6GHz with SMT)
10.28 TFLOPs,36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
12.16 TFLOPs,52 CUs at 1.825GHz
GPU Architecture
Custom RDNA 2w/ hardRead More…

TSMC expand its cooperation with Sony CMOS image sensor foundry 2

TSMC expand its cooperation with Sony CMOS image sensor foundry

According to reports out of Taiwan, TSMC is expanding its OEM cooperation with Sony CIS (CMOS Image Sensor or simply CIS). An affiliate company of TSMC and members of the supply chain will take Sony’s “super big order” together. In response to Sony’s demand, some companies are already struggling to expand the capacity of CIS packaging and testing. TSMC is actively planning to build a new high-end CIS packaging capacity in Zhunan. The relevant development plan will formally commence this month. In addition, the company hopes to complete the development by the middle of next year. Furthermore, TSMC’s expenditure could hit NT$300 billion (approx. $10 billion). This will become the largest production base for the advanced packaging of TSMC. This is the CIS packaging production line for Sony OEM.
TSMC dedicates its 14b fab for Sony’s sensor
There are reports that TSMC’s 14B fab production line is reserved for Sony’s high-end CIS. Well, it appears that 5G is not the only reason why the global demand for 5G is increasing. The market potential of autonomous driving is also boosting the global demand for CIS. The entire market is optimistic about the future application prospects of high-end CIS. In the expansion plan, Sony is not alone. Its competitors like Samsung and OmniVision are also actively expanding production capacity.
In December last year, TSMC had to take Sony’s CIS orders for the first time due to Sony’s insufficient production capacityRead More…

Sony PS5 India Launch Time Frame hinted on Amazon & Flipkart 3

Sony PS5 India Launch Time Frame hinted on Amazon & Flipkart

Are you eagerly awaiting Sony Play Station 5’s launch in India? Well, there’s is some good news. We don’t have an exact date, but it is certain that PS 5 will arrive in India before the end of this year. This bit of information has come courtesy Sony’s e-commerce partners – Amazon and Flipkart – as both went live with their Playstation5 teaser microsites today.
Sony recently took the wraps off its fifth-generation gaming console giving us first glimpse at its design. The Japanese tech marvel at the time of unveiling said that the PS5 will make a global debut during “Holiday 2020” without revealing creation details. If internet rumours are anything to go by, Sony PS5 prices and launch details could be revealed on July 13.
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Sony PS5: What’s revealed thus far?
Sony has revealed that PS5 will have two versions one with optical disk and a digital-only variant. Apart from the console, Sony also revealed PS5 accessories such as camera, headset, charging station and media remote control. These accessories are also displayed on the Amazon and Flipkart teaser page. Apart from Console, Sony also revealed 22 games including Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Guerilla Games, Horizon: Forbidden West, etc. ALSO READ: WhatsApp brings new web features: Animated stickers, QR codes, dark mode and more
PS5 India Price (Expectations)
As stated above, there is no official confirmation on the prices yet. Read More…

Sony to change its name for the first time in over 60 years 4

Sony to change its name for the first time in over 60 years

According to Sony China, at the annual shareholders meeting last Friday, shareholders approved the proposal to change the company name to “Sony Group”. The change of name will take effect in April 2021. Sony is a multinational enterprise from Japan. Its main business is the development of electronic products. It was founded in 1946 by Jing Shenda and Shoda Morita. Jing Shenda has a background in technology research and development while is good at public relations and marketing. Today, its headquarters is in Sony City, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo. This is the first time that the company will be changing its name in over 60 years. The change of name will usher in a broader identity positioning. Like we said earlier, electronic development is the main business of Sony. The rebranding means that it will increase its efforts in financial services and other businesses. The target is to place these other businesses on par with electronics.
Sony’s CEO, Yoshida Kenichiro said: “We decided to rename the company to the Sony Group because we want to make full use of the diversity of our business portfolio to promote the development and evolution of the business.” The Japanese company did not actually start off as “Sony”
Well, the original name of Sony is “Tokyo Telecommunications Industry Co., Ltd.”. However, this name was changed in 1958 to “Sony”. At the time, the name “Sony” represents co-founder Shoda Morita’s ambition to create a global brandRead More…

Sony patents a new device whose function is similar to Xbox Snap 5

Sony patents a new device whose function is similar to Xbox Snap

According to GamingBoltm, Sony has released a new patent related to an image processing equipment. The report claims that this new patent may be related to the upcoming Sony PS5. The page description of the new patent is basically similar to the function of multi-screen viewing or picture-in-picture. It contains both a main screen and a sub-screen, and the latter can display different content from the former. The information processing device will accept the command of switching operations. It can switch from the mode of accepting the operation of the main screen to the mode of accepting the operation of the sub-screen. After changing to the mode that accepts sub-screen operation, the content of the sub-screen can be highlighted. Interestingly, this new patent looks a lot like the Snap function of Xbox One. Its essence is to use about one-fifth of the screen to display the content of other applications, such as YouTube/Netflix video or Skype calls. As of now, we do not know if this feature has anything to do with the PlayStation 5. The PS5 has at least five months before it officially hit the shelves. So, I guess we will have to wait to find out if it will come with something like this. Talking about the PS5, there is a huge battle to the finish line between Sony and Microsoft for the next generation gaming console. While the Xbox Series X from Microsoft has since given us a clue of what to expect, Sony decided to take its time. A few weeks ago, the Japanese manufaRead More…

Sony WF-SP800N and WF-XB700 True Wireless Earphones Launched In India 6

Sony WF-SP800N and WF-XB700 True Wireless Earphones Launched In India

Sony India has finally joined the rapidly growing Truly wireless segment in the country. The Japanese conglomerate launched its Sony WF- SP800N and Sony WF-XB700 TWS earbuds in India today. With the launch of these TWS, Sony is hoping to take 30 percent market share in the premium segment.
Sony WF-SP800N features and specifications
The Sony WF-SP800N currently top of the time lineup aimed at the sports-enthusiasts. The truly wireless earbuds have active noise cancellation and IP55-certification against, dust sweat and water.
It will be one of the rear TWS earphones in India to offer active noise cancellation. As of now, Apple AirPods Pro and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 were the only TWS with active noise cancellation available in this country.
These earbuds are claimed to offer nine ours of battery life with active noise cancellation. Including case, it can last for 18hours. It also has quick charging support where 10 minutes of charging will let you use it for an hour. The WF-SP800N also has touch gesture controls which will allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, and trigger voice assistant. These gestures can be customized through Sony’s official Headphones Connect app. It also has wear detection which automatically pauses or play. Adaptive sound control also present. it also has Sense Engine and location recognizer feature.
The case has USB Type-C charging port for refilling. The TWS earphones only support SBC and AAC codecs which is a bit of a strange moveRead More…

Sony has launched two new Bravia Smart TVs in India with prices starting at ₹37,990 7

Sony has launched two new Bravia Smart TVs in India with prices starting at ₹37,990

Sony has brought out two new TVs from its world-class Bravia series. These bear the model name W6603 and X70G. Out of the two, one is Full HD TV and the other is a 4K UHD TV. The highlights of the two Bravia TVs are X-Reality PRO picture processing, Motionflow XR for sharp and smooth details, HDR gaming, X-Protection Pro, and more.
Sony BRAVIA W6603 43-inch Full HD TV Specifications
Sony BRAVIA W6603 TV has a 43-inch direct-LED display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 50Hz, and a 178-degree viewing angle. For full HD experience, the W6603 features HDR10, X-Reality Pro, and Motionflow XR. The TV runs on a Linux-based Smart TV operating system that supports YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Voot, and other OTT platforms. 
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The 43-inch TV produces 20 Watts output with open-baffle speakers and supports ClearAudio+ technology. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, two USB ports with Smart Plug, Wifi, and Ethernet. The TV also supports screen mirroring, HDR gaming, and FM radio. Sony BRAVIA W6603 43-inch Full HD TVSony BRAVIA X70G 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV Specifications
Sony BRAVIA X70G model is an upper-grade TV featuring a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and the same refresh rate and viewing angle. The 55-inch TV features 4K X-Reality Pro for more clarity, sharpened and real-time pictures. The panel also has a Triluminous display toRead More…

Sony cuts prices of Speakers, headphones, Soundbars in India 8

Sony cuts prices of Speakers, headphones, Soundbars in India

Sony India has slashed prices of various audio products. Sony has slashed up to 40 percent prices on the headphones, Bluetooth speakers, party speakers, home theatres and soundbars ahead of World Music Day on June 21. This limited period of price discounts will be applicable between 19-28 June 2020.
Sony headphones deals
Sony’s popular Active Noise Cancelling headphones- WH-1000XM3 (review) received a price cut of Rs 5,000. Now, the WH-1000XM3 is priced at Rs 24,990. These premium ANC headphones are known for impressive audio, adaptive sound control technology, 30 hours of battery life and touch control features.
The Sony WH-H910N headphones also received a price cut of Rs. 4,000 and will now retail for 18,891. The headphones claim to deliver 35 hours and supports Quick Charging where a 10-minutes charge ensures 2.5 hours of battery life. ALSO READ: Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 SoC goes official
Apart from these two cans, the Japanese conglomerate also heavily slashed prices of Sony WH-CH510, Sony WI-C400, Sony WI-C200 and Sony WI-C310. Now, these headphones are now priced in India at Rs 3,290, Rs 3,591, Rs 1,899, and Rs 2,490, respectively.
Sony speakers deals
Sony also has announced some impressive offers on the SRS-XB402M, SRS-XB41, SRS-XB32 and SRS-XB12 Bluetooth speakers. These extra bass series speakers have received price cuts of up to Rs. 8,000. The Sony SRS-XB402M Bluetooth portable speaker which comes with built-in Alexa assistant is now offered at Rs 17,990.
WaterprRead More…

PS5 interface will be “100% improved with a new visual language” 9

PS5 interface will be “100% improved with a new visual language”

The PS5 will come with unprecedented features if we compare it with the PS4. Among the main features, we have the new super-fast SSD (Solid State Drive) that promises short loading times. Moreover, Sony states that a new console will support backward compatibility with support for 4,000 PS4 games at launch. During the company’s online streaming that happened on June 11, we also discovered two hardware models – one with a disc drive and another one without it. Now one question that remains is, what should we expect from the console’s new interface? According to Matt MacLaurin, vice president of UX Design for PlayStation, the UI of the new console will be another important element in the PS5 experience. The produced shared some details through his profile at LinkedIn. According to the post, the PS5 interface will be “100% renewed with different concepts”. The team is currently working to improve the functionality, however, some key features “will be revealed pretty soon”.
“We are excited to show everything that we have already achieved. The user interface is, first of all, practical. Moreover, we are implementing a new visual language and complete interface architecture. More importantly, the new interface has the objective of delivering the user a full experience in milliseconds across the entire UI.”
More details regarding the PS5 are yet to come in the coming months. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has ensured that all the revelations madeRead More…

Sony WH-CH710N wireless headphones launched in India 10

Sony WH-CH710N wireless headphones launched in India

Sony has finally launched the successor of WH-CH700N wireless headphones in India. It’s model name is Sony WH-CH710N. That’s one of the most boring parts of Sony’s products since years – its naming schemes. The interesting part about the headphone, though, is its price. It is launched at a price tag of Rs.9999 which is Rs.2649 cheaper than the older headphones.  Design : What has changed? Sony markets the new wireless headphone having a comfortable design, with best noise-cancellation for the segment and longer battery life than before. Design-wise CH710N looks mostly similar to the CH700N that launched back in 2019. It has slightly oval-shaped ear cups which Sony says when combined with a metal adjustment slider, will give an ergonomic feel to the users.
There are volume buttons along with a play/pause button on the right. On the left is a USB-C port for charging, a power button for the wireless mode, and an optional 3.5mm jack port to convert it into wired headphones. The right ear cup also houses a dedicated Noise cancellation button in addition to media controls. WH-CH710N specifications
It has a 30mm driver unit which Sony claims will be best for audiophiles. However, its predecessor CH700N has higher 40mm drivers. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC one-touch features.
On the audio side of things, the new CH710N supports the SBC and AAC codes instead of the aptX and aptX HD codes found on the CH700N. This is probably done to kRead More…