Vivo X50 series will be launched in India on July 16 1

Vivo X50 series will be launched in India on July 16

Back in the last month, Vivo introduced the Vivo X50 series in China. That was a promising smartphone lineup featuring decent specifications and an amazing camera simple. Of course, the spotlight is on the Vivo X50 Pro and its gimbal-like image stabilization system dubbed micro cloud system. Now, Vivo is gearing up to launch this smartphone series in India. It’s official, Indian customers just need to wait three days to see the highly-anticipated smartphones landing on their country. The local launch will take place on July 16 at 12:00 pm local time and will more than likely be live-streamed. Meanwhile, the company is running a Capture of the X promo campaign. The winning photo in each of four categories will score the talented photographer a free Vivo X50 Pro. It basically confirms that Indian customers will get both the vanilla and Pro variants of the Vivo X50.
Vivo X50 series specifications
The Vivo X50 series have a very similar display with 6.56-inch and AMOLED quality. The vanilla variant features a flat display while the Pro variant flaunts a waterfall curved finish. When it comes to the refresh rate, the X50 features a 90Hz refresh rate just like the X50 Pro. The Vivo X50 Pro+, on the other hand, has a 120Hz display, however, we don’t know if this latter variant will reach India. All handsets have a punch-hole design to house the selfie snapper. Under the hood, the smartphone boasts a Snapdragon 765 SoC which is paired with up to 8GB of RAM and up to 256GRead More…

Sony PlayStation 5 Amazon Australia pre-order page now active 2

Sony PlayStation 5 Amazon Australia pre-order page now active

Japanese multinational company, Sony, will release its next-generation PlayStation 5 this fall. The anticipation regarding the upcoming Sony PS5 is growing and potential buyers can not wait for November. With the public reveal of the PS5 design, hardware as well as some of its games, we are now left with its price. Recently, the Sony PS5 landing page appeared on Amazon Germany. Now, the Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order page is now active on Amazon Australia. The landing page includes information on the console, various accessories, and first games. However, there is no information on the price of the console. Last week, analyst Roberto Serrano emphasized that Sony will announce the PS5 price as soon as possible, possibly today (July 13). Unfortunately, there is no news yet. Moreover, Sony officials did not give a specific time for the PS5 price announcement. This, we could only take Serrano’s statement as a speculation and nothing official. 
Amazon Australia sales page includes PS5 optical drive version, PS5 digital version, Dualsense controller, DualSense charging station, multimedia remote control, camera, and Pulse 3D headset. In terms of price, there are rumors that the PS5 optical drive version starts at $499. However, the speculated price of the non-optical drive version is about $299-399. 
The Sony PlayStation 5 uses a custom AMD 8 core 3.5GHz Zen 2 CPU, a custom RDNA 2 GPU containing 36 sets of CU units, a floating-point computRead More…

Google app reveals Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G but no Pixel 5 XL 3

Google app reveals Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G but no Pixel 5 XL

Google seems to have completely rethought its smartphone plans over the course of the year. The company seems to be working on less XL, but more 5G. Will Google completely eliminate the XL lineup of its pixel smartphones this year? In recent months, various references in source codes of Google apps have made it clear that Google has discarded the Pixel 4a XL. The new mid-range smartphone should only appear in one size, the display is under 6 inches in size. There is now a piece of relevant information in the source code of the current Google app. This source code lists the entire new smartphone portfolio of the year. Google plans for 5G models, discards XL displays
In the source code, two crucial things stand out. For one, Google not only lists the Pixel 4a with Snapdragon 730 processor but also a Pixel 4a 5G. So it seems that the mid-range smartphone is already being launched with new wireless technology. This would have meant, among other things, that Google would have to rely on a newer processor. For us, this is a good explanation as to why the Pixel 4a was moved from spring to fall. Secondly, there is only one Pixel 5 listed, which we expect to see in October or November. However, there is no Pixel 5 XL, so Google has probably removed it completely. It gets even more confusing because the Pixel 5 relies on the Snapdragon 765 and forces the Pixel 4a 5G to do the same. So where does Google make the difference between cheap and expensive middle clRead More…

Google Device Drop Monitor will recognize falls and collect relevant information 4

Google Device Drop Monitor will recognize falls and collect relevant information

Google has a new app that records smartphone drops and collects information about them for further evaluation. With the new Android 11, Google brings an interesting app to its own pixel smartphones. The new app is available for the first time with the second beta of Android 11, which has been available for the Pixel 4 (XL) and older models for a few days. This app is called “Device Drop Monitor” and it is preinstalled on Pixel 4 (XL). Google Device Drop Monitor recognizes when the device is dropped. The app will also record the duration and acceleration of the free fall in X, Y, and Z in m / s ^ 2. The really interesting part of this app is the subsequent procedure of the app. If there is a recorded fall, a survey will appear on the display. Google wants to learn more about the circumstances. This includes the approximate drop height, the floor material, and whether the device was possibly in a case. What does Google intend to do with this information? In any case, this should be critically examined, but the intention seems to be a good one. Google wants the data to improve the design of future devices
Google wants to use this information to improve the design of future pixel smartphones. Instead of just carrying out your own tests, you simply test the resistance in everyday use. If weaknesses become known as a result, these could make the subsequent device in the future better. When you complete the survey, you will get this message Read More…

Realme will launch a new phone with 6,000mAh battery 5

Realme will launch a new phone with 6,000mAh battery

A few years ago we never thought that we would see the day when 4,000mAh batteries and even 5,000mAh batteries would become a standard for smartphones. Now having less than 4,000mAh of battery is somewhat disappointing, even though current chipsets are much more power-efficient than a few years ago. In order to meet the demand for more capable batteries, companies are starting to experiment with massive batteries with 6,000mAh capacity. According to a new report, Realme will soon join the gang of smartphones sporting a 6,000mAh battery. Apparently, the Chinese company is preparing to launch a phone with a monstrous 6,000mAh battery in Indonesia pretty soon. Palson Yi, who serves as the brand’s Marketing Director revealed the information through his Instagram account. The new device will be the largest battery phone in Realme’s portfolio. Unfortunately, details are still scarce about this handset. We just hope that this battery will fit with very capable specifications. After all, what would be the point of such an amazing battery if the handset can’t deliver performance? A few weeks ago, a Realme smartphone bearing BLP793 product number was spotted on TUV Rheinland’s database with the 6,000mAh battery capacity. As usual, no other details were exposed by the certification documents. Hopefully, more answers will be given by the company in the coming weeks. You can read Mr. Yi statement below:
“We hear you, Realme fans! Super excited to announce our new trendsettiRead More…

Smartphone Battery Fast Charging Speed Doubled, Reaching 100W+ 6

Smartphone Battery Fast Charging Speed Doubled, Reaching 100W+

It’s too difficult to put larger capacity battery inside a smartphone. So smartphone manufacturers have decided to go the other way. As you can see, more and more smartphone makers are developing their own fast charge technologies. Currently, the maximum charging speed of a smartphone is 65W. Obviously, manufacturers have not stopped exploring. There are higher power charging technologies that will appear on the upcoming handsets. And when we talk about the latter, we mean they will become available in a couple of months. On July 13, 2020, iQOO released a 15-second video and showcased how the new 120W ultra-fast flash charging technology will work. Coincidentally, OPPO also officially announced the 125W super flash charging technology on the same day. But this company said that more details will be unleashed on July 15. The mass production of the iQOO 120W fast charging new technology and the announcement of OPPO new technology undoubtedly caused a lot of stir on the market.
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But when talking about fast charging technology, we should recall Xiaomi. It has announced its own 120W fast charging technology a few months ago. Prior to this, Lei Jun said the highest smartphone charging can achieve 100W. But it turns out Xiaomi’s rivals have achieved this mark and even surpassed it. How fast is the 120W charge speed?
OPPO’s slogan was ‘Charge for five minutes and talk for two hours’Read More…

Govee temperature humidity monitor available on Amazon 7

Govee temperature humidity monitor available on Amazon

We have already featured the Govee brand monitoring gadgets on our website and today we are back with another one. This time it’s a handy temperature humidity monitor for indoor usage and more or less any household can certainly use that. It’s packed with solid functions and on top of that it’s available for a very good price on Amazon. So let’s take a closer look at it and who knows, maybe you will decide it’s a gadget worth buying right away. It features hassle-free LCD display with high resolution, so you can clearly see the numbers. It also has three indicators DRY / COMFORT / WET to highlight the ideal conditions. With high accuracy Swiss-made sensors (±0.5℉ and ±3%RH) you are getting the exact info too. You can also use the remote monitoring via Bluetooth up to 80m distance and see the real-time status in the mobile app. Or take benefit from the alert notifications. You can also export all the data in .CSV format, with data being store for full 2 years. And using 4x AAA batteries you are getting half a year of battery life on the gadget. This combination of thermometer / hygrometer can come handy not just for your house, but also for greenhouses, reptile terrariums and others. And this nifty Govee gadget is available on Amazon for a really cheap price. Can be yours for only $22.99, which is quite the deal. SourceRead More…

ELEPHONE will be coming soon to the market in Turkey 8

ELEPHONE will be coming soon to the market in Turkey

Smaller chinese brands are quite often focused mainly on the domestic market with no big plans for global expansion. But that’s certainly not the case with ELEPHONE, because they are constantly trying to branch out to different markets and countries worldwide. And today we have some good news for all the ELEPHONE  fans in Turkey, because according to our information they are planning very soon to enter the turkish phone market. The launch event is already under preparation and the fans should be surely getting something nice out of it. ELEPHONE officials are also talking about availability of various of their phone models both through offline and online channels. And if you take a look at the following first promo teaser video, you will see confirmed, that the ELEPHONE U3H model will be certainly featured. Of course only as one of many, because their expansion will be encompassing most probably almost their full portfolio.
[embedded content] But the ELEPHONE U3H is a good choice for spearheading the brand’s expansion. It’s a well rounded model with solid specs and very good pricing. It can offer 6,53-inch punch-hole FHD+ screen, Helio P70 processor or 8 GB RAM + 256 GB memory combo. And with the presence of things like main 48MP Sony IMX586 camera, NFC or wireless charging it can be a perfect choice. So here’s to the successful start for ELEPHONE in Turkey. And we will keep an eye out for the launch party info. SourceRead More…

Crowdfunding for Ulefone Armor 9 ends in just 2 days 9

Crowdfunding for Ulefone Armor 9 ends in just 2 days

Ulefone kicked off the Armor 9 global crowdfunding exercise on Kickstarter a few days back. The exercise has so far been a resounding success as data obtained from the crowdfunding page shows, because the rugged phone offers quite some punch. And Ulefone offering huge discounts in the crowdfunding campaign can’t hurt either.  So what extra can it offer ? Well for starters it features a FLIR® thermal imaging camera, ultra high-resolution Samsung 64MP main camera or an external expansion interface for endoscope. Then let’s addMediaTek Helio P90 SoC coupled with 8GB+128GB memory configuration, 6.3-inch 19.5:9 waterdrop screen, massive 6600mAh battery with 18W fast charge and way more. Armor 9 runs one the latest Android 10 OS, supports NFC & Google Pay, face unlock and fingerprint ID, the four global navigation satellite systems and dual 4G dual VoLTE. And of course all the necessary rugged certifications. But back to the huge discounts offered in the crowdfunding campaign. Right now  many super early birds price and early bird price are still available, but yo should hurry because it ends in just 2 days. You can get the Armor 9 for only $429.99, which is a huge $130 price slash from the original retail price. Or you can úay slight more for the Armor 9 & accessory combo withe some extra goodies.. And all the combos are much cheaper than purchasing them individually!  According to the official news, Armor 9 will start the deliveries in the Read More…

Get the discounted robotic cleaner LIECTROUX C30B 10

Get the discounted robotic cleaner LIECTROUX C30B

It’s a good times we are living in, because finally we can leave up some house chores to our trustworthy gadgets. Like the vacuuming and sweeping the floor can be fully left to the robotic cleaners, because the prices are also taking a nosedive. Nowadays it’s really not that expensive to buy a very advanced model of such robots. And to prove that we have for you a special Aliexpress discount today, featuring great LIECTROUX C30B robot vacuum cleaner. LIECTROUX C30B is a state of the art vacuum cleaner filled up to the brim with modern technologies. For starters it’s just 7,4cm tall so it can easily fit under the furniture and runs silently with ultra low noise of just 45db. The brushless Nidec motor can deliver up to 3000Pa of suction and both with the Epson chip they are imported from Japan. The vacuum cleaner has various sets of senzors for anti-collision, anti-falling, climbing and auto recharging matters and you can plan it all with a 2D map app in real life. Smart memory of the device will help too and you can even control it via the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant platforms. And as mentioned before it will take care both of vacuuming and mopping thanks to the replaceable dust bin and electric smart water tank. You will be able to get the LIECTROUX C30B model for a few days just for $199.35 from the Aliexpress official store. The promo is valid from July 12th to July 15th and the delivery is available from various local warehouses. And customerRead More…