We may get the official prices of Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX next week 1

We may get the official prices of Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX next week

The next-generation gaming consoles will officially hit the shelves towards the end of the year. The major players are Japanese Sony and American Microsoft. As of now, these companies have officially confirmed the hardware specs of their consoles. In addition, we have official information on the design and some of the game lineup. However, the official price of the Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX remains unknown. However, according to analyst Roberto Serrano, Japanese manufacturer, Sony will soon announce the price of the PlayStation 5. Specifically, he said that this company will announce the price of the PS5 on July 13. As for Microsoft XSX, we all know that it is waiting for the PS5 to announce its price first. Roberto Serrano also confirmed this. He said that the Microsoft Xbox team has not announced the price of XSX because it is waiting for Sony to announce the price of PS5. It needs to know the price of the PS5 so as to obtain the price advantage. He believes that the previous Xbox One sold less than half of the PS4, and an important reason is its price. According to previous reports, the XSX will be $100 cheaper than whatever the price of the PS5 will be.  Sony PS5 & Microsoft XSX hardware comparison PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X
8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz(variable frequency, with SMT)
8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.8GHz(3.6GHz with SMT)
10.28 TFLOPs,36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
12.16 TFLOPs,52 CUs at 1.825GHz
GPU Architecture
Custom RDNA 2w/ hardRead More…

The world’s first on-screen camera solution ready for mass production 2

The world’s first on-screen camera solution ready for mass production

The need for a truly full-screen smartphone display is forcing the industry to come up with innovations. Initially, the bezels got thinner, then the notch design came with the iPhone X. Furthermore, the notch got smaller, then the water-drop design before the latest punch-hole camera design. All these solutions have one aim, to get a more comprehensive screen. Now, report out of China claims that the world’s first on-screen camera solution is ready for mass production. The company with this technology is Chinese manufacturer, Visionox. According to reports, the solution achieves the best balance of display effect and screen transparency. This display panel comes with new driving circuits, and pixel structures. In addition, the display introduces highly transparent new materials that show a better quality display and photo effects. What does the Visionox on-screen display offer?
According to Visionox, this display offers more than the regular OLED displays. In addition, it is already in mass production and we should see smartphones with this display later this year. The company says that its display offers the following
True full-screen
Visionox says that the solution adopts a brand new process and packaging method. This solution eliminates the bottleneck of the mass production process and achieves batch delivery. The end products with Visionox’s InV see™ on-screen camera solution will hit the shelves soon. 
Makes transparency more transparent
IRead More…

TSMC expand its cooperation with Sony CMOS image sensor foundry 3

TSMC expand its cooperation with Sony CMOS image sensor foundry

According to reports out of Taiwan, TSMC is expanding its OEM cooperation with Sony CIS (CMOS Image Sensor or simply CIS). An affiliate company of TSMC and members of the supply chain will take Sony’s “super big order” together. In response to Sony’s demand, some companies are already struggling to expand the capacity of CIS packaging and testing. TSMC is actively planning to build a new high-end CIS packaging capacity in Zhunan. The relevant development plan will formally commence this month. In addition, the company hopes to complete the development by the middle of next year. Furthermore, TSMC’s expenditure could hit NT$300 billion (approx. $10 billion). This will become the largest production base for the advanced packaging of TSMC. This is the CIS packaging production line for Sony OEM.
TSMC dedicates its 14b fab for Sony’s sensor
There are reports that TSMC’s 14B fab production line is reserved for Sony’s high-end CIS. Well, it appears that 5G is not the only reason why the global demand for 5G is increasing. The market potential of autonomous driving is also boosting the global demand for CIS. The entire market is optimistic about the future application prospects of high-end CIS. In the expansion plan, Sony is not alone. Its competitors like Samsung and OmniVision are also actively expanding production capacity.
In December last year, TSMC had to take Sony’s CIS orders for the first time due to Sony’s insufficient production capacityRead More…

Google to significantly reduce Chrome’s battery consumption 4

Google to significantly reduce Chrome’s battery consumption

Google hopes to greatly reduce the energy consumption of its Chrome browser by limiting the background process of tabs. The company is considering reducing the javascript wake-up timer of the tab currently in the background to 1 minute. This will increase the battery life of the laptop by 28% (2 hours) in some of its test cases. This action will restrict javascript in background tags from doing unnecessary tasks. Some of these tasks include checking whether the scroll position has changed, reporting logs, and analyzing interactions with ads. In a test case, Google loaded 36 random background tabs, and the battery life of the blank foreground label increased by 28%. With the 36 random background tabs and foreground labels (including YouTube videos), the battery life is 13% (36 minutes) better without throttling.
Apple Safari makes use of a 1-minute polling interval. Nevertheless lowering the polling limit will cause problems with web applications. Thus, Google is considering activating the new limit only after 5 minutes of inactivity. Also, it will consider allowing enterprise users to use the group policy for one year.
When the Javascript timer is delayed by more than 5 seconds, Google will also post a message in the DevTools console. The move is currently being tested in the Chrome 86 browser. However, there is no certainty that this will actually roll out to the general public. SourceRead More…

Top 3 high-power Chinese smartphones that you have to consider 5

Top 3 high-power Chinese smartphones that you have to consider

In recent times, the development of more power for smartphones seems to be a major focal point. In this article, “high-power” actually refers to devices with large batteries as well as fast charge. Smartphones with large batteries and fast charging easily get rid of the anxiety of users suffering from constant low battery. No matter how good the performance of a mobile phone, no matter how good the camera is, it can only be used if it has power (battery). We all know that many aspects of smartphones are getting better. Most of these better features are power consuming features. The display is getting better, higher refresh rates, and even the latest 5G network is a battery sucker. This increases the requirements of the battery capacity of the phone. Mobile phone manufacturers try to increase the charging capacity of smartphone batteries to shorten the charging time of mobile phones as much as possible. Currently, the fastest commercial charging power is 65W. In addition, the recent average smartphone battery is 5000 mAh. Our top 3 list takes these (fast charge and battery capacity) into consideration
Honor X10 Max (5000 mAh battery)
A few days ago, Honor officially released the large-screen Honor X10 Max. This smartphone is the first 5G phone with a 7.09-inch screen. This device comes with a 1899 yuan ($269) price tag.  In addition to the 7.09-inch LCD screen, the Honor X10 Max screen supports RGBW technology. This technology increases the higher Read More…

Huawei PC monitors rumoured to be in the pipeline 6

Huawei PC monitors rumoured to be in the pipeline

Huawei might be finally entering the display monitor segment. Reports from China indicate that Huawei might tuck the display somewhere into the company’s current ecosystem. This is part of Huawei’s vision in its quest to become self-reliant. A potential rival to the Redmi display
The initial leak is by a popular tipster on Weibo stating that the Huawei PC monitors are at three price points. Starting with the low-end budget machines and going high up with mid-range and high-end displays. While he hasn’t mentioned the exact date, we are assuming that it might come in the next few months. Or, it may debut alongside the Mate 40 series that is rumoured to launch in late 2020.
Further, reports from China have said that one of the Huawei PC monitors will be a 32-inch with a 512 or a 1024 partition. This would be similar to those found on the miniLED backlit displays. Additionally, Huawei will integrate the displays into the company’s ecosystem which will reportedly help them connect with Huawei phones.
On track to building a separate ecosystem
This goes in line with the company’s earlier announced 1+8+N strategy by which the smartphones will be the center of the hub. This will be followed by different smart system products like smartwatches, sport & health, TV, audio etc. Also, Huawei has also been actively working and looking to create an exclusive ecosystem for itself. By infusing its products with the Hongmeng OS, the company wants to create an Android competitRead More…

Its official: “Dirt 5” will support 120FPS on Sony PlayStation 5 7

Its official: “Dirt 5” will support 120FPS on Sony PlayStation 5

According to the PS official magazine, the development director of “Dirt 5”, Rob Karp, revealed that this game supports 120FPS in PS5. Recall that this game already confirmed that it will support 120FPS in XSX. Rob Karp said: “PS5 performance means that we can provide 120FPS options. This will be very exciting for drivers who know how valuable each frame is.” Dirt 5 will officially arrive in October this year. This game continues the legend of the “Dirt Series”. This new generation takes racing to a whole new level. Its new features, new ideas, and new attempts have made “Dirt 5” a benchmark for off-road racing. It promises style and culture and provides players with a different racing experience for each game.
According to reports, this game will make full use of the performance of the Xbox Series X console. It supports Smart Delivery, 4K 60FPS high-quality and smooth racing, and provides 120Hz mode options. Here is the developer’s introductory statement for Dirt 5 “Take your place in a playful, dynamic, amplified off-road racing experience with DIRT 5! Let Loose, get creative, and be playful in the vibe of DIRT’s most ambitious game ever, with a story-driven Career mode, innovative online play, stunning machines and locations, extreme surfaces and elements, and new ways for players to create and customize like never before. Make highlight-reel moments in a world dripping in style, atmosphere, and opportunity. You ready?” Dirt 5 to Read More…

TikTok’s ban in India engineers the growth of Indian alternatives 8

TikTok’s ban in India engineers the growth of Indian alternatives

A few days ago, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese mobile apps including popular apps like TikTok, WeChat, and UCBrowser. TikTok is one of the most popular apps in India. According to SensorTower, in the first half of 2020, TikTok has about 600 million downloads. Thus, we are dealing with the most popular mobile application in the first half of 2020. In March TikTok’s downloads hit 115 million while it’s April and May downloads are steady at over 100 million. The recent ban on TikTok is engineering an instant gain for similar Indian apps. According to recent reports, an Indian video application operator said it added 22 million users in 48 hours. Since 2014, TikTok has been a sensation in India and it currently has about 200 million Indian users. Roposo is a video sharing social media application in India, similar to TikTok. According to Roposo’s founder, Mayank Bhangadia, within two days of India’s ban on TikTok, the Roposo user base grew by 22 million.
Due to the surge in users, Roposo seems to have become difficult to parry. “In the past few days, I have only slept for a total of five hours, and our entire team is like this,” Bhangadia said. “The load is too large, we must ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible.” Roposo’s downloads on Google Android have totaled more than 80 million so far, and Bhangadia expects that this number will easily reach 100 million in a few days. Before the Indian government bannedRead More…

TSMC will prepare 80 million A14 chips for Apple this year 9

TSMC will prepare 80 million A14 chips for Apple this year

According to recent reports, Taiwanese chip maker, TSMC, will prepare 80 million A14 chips for Apple this year. This information comes from a Twitter account @L0vetodream. While this could just be another random Twitter account saying things, it has actually had some correct predictions. It accurately predicted that the iPhone SE 2020 will arrive in the week of April. Furthermore, he also predicted correctly the third week of March release of the iPad Pro 2020. TSMC will prepare 80 million A14 chips for Apple, in this year.
— 有没有搞措 (@L0vetodream) July 3, 2020 There are also reports that Apple also plans to launch a new iPad Pro with A14X chip, 5G connection and mini LED display in the first or second quarter of 2021. The new iPad Pro will be equipped with a Qualcomm X55 modem that supports mmWave and sub-6GHz. According to previous reports, Apple’s chip manufacturing partner, TSMC, will begin production of A14 chips and Snapdragon X60 modems for use. The latest iPhones will officially launch later this year (between September and November) and its chip will use the 5nm process. According to previous news, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is the entry model. The screen is smaller than today’s iPhone 11, and the rear has a dual-camera setup. This smartphone comes with a full-screen design. Due to this body design, the device will be more compact than the 4.7-inch iPhone SE.
From the speculations and leaks so far, the significant change in theRead More…

U.S. pressures European nations to boycott China’s largest security firm 10

U.S. pressures European nations to boycott China’s largest security firm

There is currently a tug of war between the United States and China. The two countries do not agree on multiple issues however it appears that the technology industry is taking the hit. According to reports out of China, after blocking Huawei, the US government has set new targets. The report claims that the U.S. government s lobbying European countries to boycott China’s largest security firm, Tongfang. According to them, this is necessary to protect citizens’ information like fingerprints, passport details, and others. Tongfang mainly provides European countries with security systems for luggage and passengers at ports of entry and airports. According to reports, Tongfang has a 90% market share in the European marine cargo security inspection equipment market. In addition, it also has a 50% market share in the European airport luggage and cargo security inspection equipment market. However, Tongfang denied that it only owns 70% of the cargo security inspection business and 10% of the airport market. The reports claim that the U.S. government believes that Tongfang’s prestige has made positive progress in Europe because the latter sacrificed the U.S. at a price of less than the market cost during a 10-year aggressive marketing campaign. At the expense of the producers, they now have most of the European market share in the important infrastructure sector.
The U.S. wants American companies to replace Tongfang deals
Furthermore, the report claimRead More…